Mosul Resident To Baghdad: ‘Apparently Mosul Is No Longer Part Of Iraq To You’

A Facebook account purportedly run by a local historian living in Mosul, Iraq, under Islamic State (IS) control has published a heartfelt criticism of the Iraqi central government for failing to liberate the city from the extremists.

“Apparently, Mosul is no longer part of Iraq to you,” the account, Mosul Eye, wrote in English and Arabic on January 20.

It is not possible to verify the identity of the person behind the account, who has documenting events in Mosul under the pseudonym Mosul Eye for several months now. However, the account has been quoted by a number of news outlets and Iraq watchers see the account as credible.

“Please tell us, dear Iraqi government, have you given up on Mosul? If you have, please announce that publicly so we, the people who still survive in this besieged city, can seek an alternative way to free ourselves instead of waiting in vain,” Mosul Eye added.