Eritrean refugee arrested over murder of compatriot in Germany – not connected to Pegida

PEGIDA take part in a demonstration march in Leipzig, January 21, 2015. Reuters/Hannibal Hanschke

(Reuters) – An asylum seeker from Eritrea was arrested on Thursday and faces charges of killing a 20-year-old compatriot in Dresden, an eastern German city that has become a center of protests against Islam and refugees.

State prosecutor Jan Hille told Reuters that the man had admitted attacking the victim during a dispute over the room they were sharing in a refugee shelter.

“The 26-year-old man is suspected of killing his roommate with a knife,” Hille said.

The stabbing death became national news in Germany because it happened around the same time as a major anti-asylum rally by the far-right PEGIDA organization in Dresden…

If that it been connected to a Pegida member, it would have finished them off. That was what happened to Golden Dawn. Someone was murdered by a party member and the government started locking people up.  And now a far left party looks set to take power.

Warning to any hotheads out there: No matter how you feel, do no commit any violent acts.