Does focusing on “trans men and trans women” to the exclusion of “nonbinary folk”* constitute genocide?


Read the whole Twitter exchange.

When Bernie Farber is the voice of reason… (BTW, he’s not. “Go away and get help, you’re crazy” is the correct response here. There’s nothing compassionate about encouraging disturbed people to bury themselves deeper in their psychoses.)

  • OMG.

  • lucius

    I looked through it a bit. All I hear is,”Me! Me! Me! Me!”

  • Clausewitz

    One of these days I’m gonna have to find a minority to join.

    • We’re each of us a minority of one.

      Think about it.

      • No, seriously, think about it. It’s really deep.

        • eMan14

          That like the pizza joke. Can you make me one with everything?

  • simus1

    marxists set the news coverage topics and paramenters long in advance. A few years ago the “Occupy” farce was on its last media legs in Toronto and collapsed across the finish line. The next morning the Attawapiskat sob story fable smoothly took over on the media party’s prime schedule of gloom and doom without skipping a beat.

  • b_marco

    For sake of consistency “non-binary folk” shouldn’t use computers.