15,000 At LEGIDA Anti-Islam Rally

NB- Google Translate: In the course of Legida demonstration in Leipzig that took place on Wednesday night clashes. According to police sources around 15,000 Legida-trailers were offset by over 20,000 opponents. The Islam-critical movement had expected up to 40,000 protesters.

A police spokesman said the evening, during the march there had been repeated scuffle. The counter-demonstrators had tried several times to get to the demonstration route Legida, but were prevented by the police. A reporter for the news agency AFP also reported attacks by protesters Legida a journalist. Other media reported threats against members of the press.

After the end of the final rally on the square in front of the Opera Augustus there were 21.30 clock clashes between Legida supporters, who were on their way to the station, and counter-demonstrators.

A police spokesman said to the police was quickly on the spot and have the two sides separated using batons. And yet there have been two or three minor injuries. On the side of the counter-demonstrators and supporters of the left-autonomous scene were involved. Leipzig has a strong left scene sometimes considered as violent. Just last week there were riots in Leipzig at an unannounced demonstration against Pegida.

Thousands of anti-Islam protesters and counter-demonstrators square off in Germany

Protesters flooded the streets of the German city of Leipzig Wednesday night as those attending an “anti-Islamization” rally faced off with crowds of counter-demonstrators who oppose the country’s growing far-right movement.

The rally was organized by a group called Legida, an offshoot of the German right-wing group Pegida, which takes issue with the supposed “Islamization of Europe” and has gained momentum in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris earlier this month.