PuffHo: ‘Le Petit Journal,’ French TV Show, Totally Trolls Fox News

Fox News is learning the hard way that insults to the City of Light will not go unchallenged.

The network has already been threatened with a lawsuit over allegedly “prejudiced” coverage of the city. And now, it’s facing something that might be even worse: French taunting.

“Le Petit Journal,” which is something like “The Daily Show,” sent two comics into the streets of Paris dressed up as Fox News reporters. As “John and Mike,” the two freaked out in English at all the supposed Islamic threats they encountered.

With Fox News-style graphics flying across the screen — including a “MASSIVE ALERT” — the two totally lost it over a bearded taxi driver and a “terrorist restaurant” (which was just a typical Turkish take-out place).

“Oh my God, a couscous!” one of them cried with a graphic reading “COUSCOUS ATTACK IN PARIS.”

“Paris is the most dangerous city in the universe,” declared “John.”

Check out the clip. It starts out in French, but the Fox News “reporters” speak English throughout the segment.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Yes, we all know about the courageous French.
    Although I think it would be very funny of a bunch of “rouge” Fox News on-air personalities and news readers stormed the offices of “Le Petit Journal” screaming ‘Allah Foxbar’.

  • occupant 9

    So, the French have responded by mocking their own demise. Oh those French and their sense of humour! Too bad they have no sense of a peaceful future.

    Too bad we haven’t one either.

    • Clausewitz

      These are people who turned their quest for equality and freedom into the Reign of Terror.

  • Clausewitz

    Who cares what the French think? About the only offensive action they will take in defense of their people would be to spit in your drink. Sadly that will not work if no one goes there anymore because it’s turned into an Islamist hell hole.

  • bob e

    not gonna be too funny in the future when islamic killers
    block the streets & the killing begins. just like the scenes from
    bosnia ..

  • Canadian

    They wanted their dirty little secret kept secret.