Niagara Falls NY crumbling while the Canadian side thrives


Kathy’s NEW post at PJMedia on more proof that in many ways, Canada’s social and economic climate is superior to America’s.

  • mauser 98

    terrible pothole roads , abandoned houses , shut down factories .. it is bad
    Seneca casino is the best thing there. way better than Wynne /McGuinty bolshevik government gulag torture ripoff casinos. will never go in again
    hotels are good and very reasonably priced in N.F. NY near Seneca

  • ntt1

    There was an army corps of engineers plan to divert all the flow over the Canadian half and remove the rubble that is making horeshoe falls into a series of riffles, the problem is the soft strata underlying the US side is washing away faster than the more substantial Canadian side, in the end ,as with most corps of engineers schemes it was shelved as impractical.

  • SDMatt

    No idea what you’re talking about – this lovely gem caught my eye last year when I got turned around in good ol’ Niagara Falls NY:

  • Brett_McS

    Two mates and I were based in Erie, PA for a couple of months and went on a drive up to Toronto via Buffalo and Niagara Falls. We had got accustomed to the generally cruddy conditions in the upper NY/PA area (although Ithaca is stunning) so it was a nice surprise driving into Canada where everything was suddenly so much nicer. The irony is that while the Canadian border guards were quite relaxed the US border guard gave us the third degree on the way back … at least until we admitted that the main reason for visiting Canada was to go on a Hooters tour. OK, go through.

  • Freedom

    The Cuomo’s have spent many years destroying New York State’s economy. When Mario Cuomo left office 1/2 of the fortune 500 companies based in NY when he took
    office, had left the state.
    1 out of every 6 people born in NY leaves NY.
    Look what Obama is doing to the American economy, it is a complete disaster.