Moderate Muslim Watch: Malaysia court dismisses Catholic appeal to use ‘Allah’ for ‘God’

One of the hundreds of photos of Muslims protesting on the subject. Google “Malaysia protest Allah” to see more.

(Reuters) – Malaysia’s Federal Court dismissed on Wednesday the Catholic Church’s application to review a judgment that prevented a Christian publication from using the word Allah to refer to God, ending a legal battle that began in 2007.

The Church’s bid was unanimously rejected because the threshold required for a review was not met, the judges said.

Conservative Muslim groups declared victory when the nation’s top court last year upheld a ruling preventing usage of the word Allah in the Malay language section of the Church’s weekly newspaper.

A court had previously ruled that the word was exclusive to majority Malay Muslims. Christians make up about 9 percent of Malaysia’s 29 million people.

Last January, religious authorities in Selangor state seized over 300 Malay Bibles from a Christian group, saying they acted on a decree by the sultan of that state forbidding non-Muslims from using Allah.

So you mean I have been lied to? I was assured that Islam was an ‘Abrahamic faith’ worshipping the same God as Jews and Christians. Again, of course, I reeling in shock.  

The problem appears to be that they are afraid that some Muslims will become confused and might accidentally become Christians, even thought Malaysian law requires Malaysian natives to be Muslims (many Christians are Chinese).   More on subject at Wikipedia.