Isle of Purbeck – the only place in Britain where immigration has fallen

A peninsula in Dorset is the only place in Britain which has seen a fall in immigration, figures show.

The Isle of Purbeck has seen the proportion of immigrants shrink by 0.9 per cent since 2001, in contrast to other British communities.

Every other UK district has seen a rise, with immigrants in Boston, Lincolnshire, now making up 15 per cent of the population – a fourfold increase since 2001.

The increase was 211.6 per cent in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, and 180.6 per cent in Hull. Yet Purbeck’s immigration population grew by just eight people over the period.

The district sits on the English Channel, with much of the peninsula protected as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

It comes as a new Conservative think tank said ethnic minorities will be crucial to future Conservative victories and David Cameron should not be tempted to mimic the policies of the UK Independence Party at the next election…

Immigrants do not like islands. Even Vancouver Island (a large island) appears to be considered undesirable and has far fewer migrants than the Lower Mainland (Vancouver).

I would no doubt feel the same myself if I moved to a very different country.