Hard Man Justin Trudeau Vows Canada Will Fight ISIS But Not Actually “Fight Fight” ISIS

Andrew Lawton interviewed the airhead, he can’t envision a military scenario for Canada but is keen on accepting more refugees.

What it boils down to is that Justin doesn’t want Canadians to shoot back when attacked by his Muslim friends, some of whom are no doubt Liberal Party Members.

Via Scaramouche & SDA

  • Clink9

    A non serious man child. Poster boy for our times.

    • He is an empty suit it’s his advisers I fear.

      • ntt1

        yeah his brother and that butts character are scary in their far left zealotry

      • Jason

        I could almost (almost, I said!) feel sorry for him – if we wasn’t such a threat to the country. I get the sense that he was manipulated into politics by those who wanted to take advantage of his name, and it really is a terrible fit for him careerwise. My guess is he would have been much happier as a part-time drama school teacher.

    • Censored_often
      • Clink9


      • David Murrell

        Both are, intellectually, about at the same mental level

  • Linda1000

    So he said that Harper was misleading or not honest about our troops engaging in combat in Iraq. Well, they came under fire in a training exercise so they were not supposed to shoot back in self-defense? Trudeau is trying to make it sound like Cdn. troops are over there fighting like mad dogs which they are not doing. He wouldn’t answer or didn’t seem to think Cdn. troops should ever engage in a combat role which is unrealistic.

    • If it helps, NO Canadian should ever defend himself in Trudeau’s view. That’s “un-Canadian”.

    • Justin doesn’t want Canadians to shoot back when attacked by his Muslim friends, some of whom are no doubt Liberal Party Members.

  • chayisun

    This idiot is just another brain dead politician pandering for votes and has not got a @#$#@#$ clue! An absolute fool who is in way over his head and has not got a single thought that, if he actually had one to express, would sound stupid anyway.

    Scripted nonsense from a self centred twit, riding the coattails of a long dead father.

    Other than that…….

  • We were irrelevant in his father’s time. We can’t afford to go back with the Fils.

  • David Murrell

    Sarcasm: Boy! Did we learned something about ISIS in that interview!
    No sarcasm: Justin Trudeau is our new prime minister in September, 2015.

  • Karmel

    How could any Canadian vote for his party and for him? He’s such a dunce.

  • lucius

    So we surrendered?

  • Ed

    If there was a cartoon balloon over his head it would read “What would Daddy do?”

    • winniec

      His father would have told him not to worship with pagans. Justin is now a heretic.

  • winniec

    He dresses like an Arab. He commits idolatry by bowing to the magic Holy Gravel in Mecca (a pagan idol). He commits a mortal sin of idolatry (as a former Roman Catholic…now Muslim). He goes to a different mosque every week.
    Will Justin go to confession? He is living in sin by worshipping as a pagan…repeatedly. Is Justin a secret Muslim? Roman Catholics take note.

  • JoKeR
  • Edubeat

    Definitely lacking any inherited genetic material such as brains and moral courage.

  • Canadian

    The commie and the cbc hopped on the bandwagon too.
    It was actually fun to watch some woman on the cbc trying very hard to get someone to say that the Canucks were attacking ISIS.
    First, Obola`s ROE only permit ISIS to attack.
    Second, the idea of someone defending his life is haram in Canada.
    You have to let the other kill you before self-defense is contemplated. Only after you`re dead are you allowed to defend yourself, and only using necessary force.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    People like Justin Trudeau, or Thomas Mulcair, or the folks at the CBC or Toronto Star, are pissed off that the soldiers defended themselves because those people WANT, NEED to see Canadian soldiers killed by ISIS, because it gives them one more thing to blame Steven Harper for.

  • Brian M

    This amounts to me saying ‘ I will think about paying my fair share of federal income tax, but I won’t accutually pay ‘