Geert Wilders: The ‘Prophet’ Who Hates Muhammad

Less than 24 hours after the recent terror attacks in Paris, I caught a train in Amsterdam bound for the Binnenhof, the elaborate lakefront complex at The Hague and home of the Dutch Parliament. I was there for a hastily arranged meeting with Geert Wilders, a veteran member of the House of Representatives and Islam’s arch-nemesis in Europe.

Security was tight that afternoon. Twice on the labyrinthian route to his office, I emptied my pockets, walked through metal detectors and watched as guards dug through my camera bag. Behind the key card-controlled door to his office, I was a little surprised to find Wilders, alone and standing behind his desk.

No fan of understatement, Wilders wore a shiny black Armani suit and a bright green tie. But it was his trademark platinum-blond pompadour that stood out, a haircut that many in the Netherlands compare to Donald Trump’s rat’s nest. Wilders may look just as cartoonish as The Donald. But unlike Trump, he’s a legitimate force in politics. For nearly a decade, he’s served as the leader of Holland’s anti-Islamic political party, and he regularly uses his platform to denounce not only violent jihadists but all of Islam.

  • Jim Horne

    Looks like America is finally catching on. (Pew Research)

    America Ranks Countering Terrorism No 1 Priority for 2015

  • Frau Katze

    I see this is from the resurrected Newsweek. For many years (pre 9/11) I subscribed to it. I was very busy, a working single mother.

    I relied it on for information on important issues.

    Post 9/11, I found out it was ignoring a huge amount of stuff. It kept me the in dark about the huge influx of Muslim to Europe, for just one example.

    Still, I will read their article. But I expect the same thing: slanted, biased, lying by omission.