Cartoons of Mohammed should be banned as hate speech says Saskatoon Muslim Asshat

This is a clip from an anti-Charlie Hebdo demonstration held by Muslims in Saskatoon. It is their own unedited footage of a media scrum focusing on the reasons for holding the demo.

The despicable bag of shit in the video is Mustafa Mustaan, the following tweet illustrates what a depraved bastard he is. h/t Sanwin

Mustafa Mustaan evil fuck

It’s the usual religion of perpetual victimhood screed, poor Muslims this, poor Muslims that. Islam respects all religions, Islam is peaceful blah blah blah…

The reporters were far too lenient with this clown. Out of PC fear I suspect.

Why did our government put our society under genuine threat of violence by inviting anti-democratic barbarians to live among us?

Some Highlights.

All insults should be banned – they are not free speech!

The cartoons caused the violence!!

Islam alone is singled out for public ridicule proving a double standard!!!

Cartoons of Mohammed should be banned as hate speech!!!!

It figures, this is from the Twitter account of Muslim in the video, as is the screenshot top.

h/t Sassy

  • David Murrell

    Still think that, at future demos, we should all have “Mohammed cartoon” picket signs.

    • occupant 9

      I asked for change and look what I got!

      • Frau Katze

        Very good! LOL!

    • It’s a great idea.

  • winniec

    “Why did our government put our society under genuine threat of violence by inviting anti-democratic barbarians to live among us?”
    Exactly. 160,000 Muslims in Canada approve of terrorist groups according to surveys. If Justin is elected they will pressure him to restrict free speech.

    If they don’t like free speech, pack and leave Canada. They won’t be missed. We did fine without them.

    • Justin will do their bidding, of that I have no doubt.

  • AmicusC

    If they don’t like free speech get the f out

    • occupant 9

      In other words, there’s no freedom to say anything about Islam. Clearly, this Mohammadan doesn’t want to see that we KNOW they curse us with every prayer and ask their Allah for “victory over” us. Victory?

  • Clink9

    Stick and stones buddy. Didn’t we all learn that in kindergarten?
    Maybe some fatheads like him were away that day.

  • Martin B

    All insults should be banned? What about insults to infidels’ intelligence?

    • I think this guy may have sympathy to Hizb Ut Tahrir….

  • ntt1

    sickening aquiescence by the media ,once again, instead of refering to mohamed as your prophet he is called The prophet . What dhimmi tude. no hard questions just soft ball questions, no asking why he moved to a western democracy nothing, just acceptance.

  • roccolore

    Go to a mosque and you’ll find actual hate speech.

  • CodexCoder

    Our language usage betrays what really happens in offensive situations. Offense is offered, but need not necessarily be taken. You can call me an outrageous name: I , then, have the choice to be offended or to laugh it off (like the Fuddle Duddle incident between Trudeau the Senior and Diefenbaker – his comment after the insult was “Coming from that man it is a compliment”). The reaction is purely a matter of what the recipient decides to do. In the case of Islam, there is also a hereditary component of their faith – no one who is Muslim will allow Mohammed to be insulted, even though he is long dead.

    Christians should be taking a different perspective. Elijah said it best when he confronted the prophets of Baal, and after cutting themselves and yelling to the point of being horse: “Yell louder, perhaps Baal is on vacation”. His view was this: judge a god (and his prophet) by His actions, not the words. And proceeded to ask God to call down fire on the altar which consumed the water, the sacrifice, and the very stones (according to the Biblical record).

    Calling Allah the merciful is belied by the prescribed behavior of the followers of the prophet – anything but mercy, but rather instant, brutal judgement. Perhaps Allah is not as big as they deem he is because they rush to defend him with violence. Can’t Allah defend himself? Or is he too weak that he requires his followers to kill on his behalf?

    Just some thoughts…

    • Frau Katze

      Don’t use logic. Their brains have been somehow impacted by Islam and logic means nothing to Islamoloons.

      • CodexCoder

        It would be fair to say that Hamitic cultures share a certain amount of tribalism which leads to a relational heritage reflected in their usage of language. The classic Arabic proverb is like this: “My cousin and I against the world, my brother and I against my cousin”. The closer one is in ties, blood or otherwise, the safer one is. So if you are not part of Islam, you are outside the circle, and therefore, not allowed to say anything disparaging against the faith. Which is why Kaffir have absolutely no say and why Muslims automatically join together when criticized (my cousin and I against the world).

        Joining the faith of Islam allows you more latitude, unless you are from a different branch, explaining part of the differences and hostilities between Sunnis, and Shiites, Wahabis and Shiites, etc (my brother and I against my cousin).

        It is a form of logic, but it is definitely not from Aristotle.

        • occupant 9

          This is the saving grace Islam offers us; that their military command is governed not by merit, but by mother.

        • Frau Katze

          I was joking!

          I realize it’s more complex, as you point out. I’ve been vainly trying to point that out on another thread.

          Sorry for not including a 😉

          Or maybe I should stop joking.

          • CodexCoder

            Not a problem. The issue with text is that a lot of cues are missing, and so I assumed, and you know that that leads to…

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Speaka Engrish!

  • sanwin

    This idiot has a very interesting Twitter account and Facebook page.

    He comes across as not liking Jews very much.

    I’ve saved all his tweets. Now to find out how to grab all his Facebook content.

    Soon it will be time to expose this Islamic bigot for the world to see.

    • Best to screenshot each individually.

      I noted his allusion to “Authorities” controlling speech near the end of the tape, it struck me as odd.

      • Linda1000

        Maybe he was thinking of Pope Francis assistance on that as their picket signs mention.

        • Pontifex Maximus

          Retarded antipope Jorge is such an absolute parody of the most inept and blasphemous and heretical apostate pope that one could ever devise! I hope that the jihadists target him; that would be the quintessence of poetic justice!

        • He is not the Pope we need.

        • Yessir baconFat

          They look so happy and warm…
          come to think about it the women on the left all look zombified. or thinking wtf am I doing in Canada. They don’t like us and the weather doesn’t either…

        • Gary

          How is it that the Police let msulims get away with child-abuse when they bring children to a rally that promotes shariah law and islamic barbarism .
          In Toronto, we had the Arab Spring rally where the Police just stood there as muslims used children to hold signs that also had a photo of a dead corpse covered with blood from the violence outside of canada.
          Yet, in Canada a non-muslim man is arrested and strip-search because his Daughter in Kindergarten drew a crude image of the magic gun Daddy uses to kill the monsters in the house . The School called in the CAS and then the Police, but somehow kids being brainwashed in Madrassas or mosque to hate Jews, Gays, Canada, Christians and every non-muslim is just fine with the Teachers .

          Have the White Liberals lowered the bar for muslims this low to the point where not only can they riot in Calgary, but their kids can be abused while the Police provide Security for the adults at these events.

          So much for Sheema Khan when she was at the Hamas Linked CAIR and told the CBC that 99.99% of muslims are peaceful and reject violence.
          Poor CBC, first their goto Muslim Khan has her CAIR org found guilty in a FBI trial for funding Terrorism , but now their Super-Star muslim male and poster boy for Tolerance and respect is now an alleged racist misogynist that beat-up white non-muslim women.

  • Pontifex Maximus

    Mohammedans should be banned because they are hate-mongers toward whom they consider to be “dirty kuffars”!

  • Yessir baconFat

    can we replace the name Allah with something like Bob. just to make it even more insane of a cult. Peace be on Bob, Bob willing, By the sword of Bob etc

  • Anne Sayers

    Absolutely astounding. Demands which fly in the face of freedom of speech. Stop trying to change our country and go back and fix your own broken nations.