Cartoons of Mohammed should be banned as hate speech says Saskatoon Muslim Asshat

This is a clip from an anti-Charlie Hebdo demonstration held by Muslims in Saskatoon. It is their own unedited footage of a media scrum focusing on the reasons for holding the demo.

The despicable bag of shit in the video is Mustafa Mustaan, the following tweet illustrates what a depraved bastard he is. h/t Sanwin

Mustafa Mustaan evil fuck

It’s the usual religion of perpetual victimhood screed, poor Muslims this, poor Muslims that. Islam respects all religions, Islam is peaceful blah blah blah…

The reporters were far too lenient with this clown. Out of PC fear I suspect.

Why did our government put our society under genuine threat of violence by inviting anti-democratic barbarians to live among us?

Some Highlights.

All insults should be banned – they are not free speech!

The cartoons caused the violence!!

Islam alone is singled out for public ridicule proving a double standard!!!

Cartoons of Mohammed should be banned as hate speech!!!!

It figures, this is from the Twitter account of Muslim in the video, as is the screenshot top.

h/t Sassy