CAR cannibal eats 2nd Muslim in 2 weeks

A man who goes by the name of Mad Dog cuts off a portion of a burning body to eat, as the bodies of two lynched Muslim men are burned in a street in Bangui, Central African Republic. Photo: AP

Shocking photographs have emerged of a cannibal by the name of Mad Dog eating the flesh of a lynched Muslim man for the second time in as many weeks, reports Daily Mail Online.

In one, ‘Mad Dog’ – real name Ouandja Magloire – cuts a portion of meat from the body of a murdered Muslim lying burning on a roundabout in the capital of the Central African Republic, with the body of another a few yards away.

Another photograph shows him licking a bloodied knife as he stands over a body, wearing the same T-shirt he was pictured in during the previous act of cannibalism…

OK, this is getting too much for me. Let us leave them alone to sort it out. Warning: graphic photo at link.

Update: a reader has kindly pointed out that this incident happened a year ago and was reported by the Daily Mail.

It appears the news site (in Bangladesh) became confused, just checking the date, January 20, and forgetting the year.  But it did happen, even if it was a year ago.