Biker gang takes over the streets of Miami

Hundreds of dirt bike and ATV riders took over Miami yesterday when they swarmed through city streets and highways, taunting police and pulling wheelies in an apparent tribute to Martin Luther King.

Video footage of the gang shows them weaving through traffic and past police cruisers as they travel in a convoy along Miami and southern Florida highways.

However, police were unable to stop the gang because of the sheer numbers involved and have blasted them for endangering the lives of other motorists…

…Joe Sanchez, a spokesman for the Florida Highway Patrol, said: ‘We’re not going to put their lives as well as other motorists’ lives in danger by chasing these kids on dirt bikes and ATVs,’ The Miami Herald reported.

He added: ‘They basically have no respect for other motorists.’

A Miami police spokeswoman told the paper: ‘We have no idea who they are, we have no idea where all of these people came from, we don’t know where it initiated from.’

The riders – many of whom posted footage of the rally on Instagram – later told the paper it was their way honoring Martin Luther King…

Old-fashioned tribal show of strength.  Say, I have a great idea: we need more “diverse” people so we can have even more such tribes.