Biased Mainstream Media Practically Justifies Tel Aviv Terror Attack

…Let’s look at some excerpts from the BBC:

“More than 2,100 Palestinians were killed in Gaza during the conflict in July and August last year. The majority of those killed were civilians, according to the UN.”

And then, as an aside- oh by the way-

“Sixty-seven Israeli soldiers, and six civilians in Israel, were also killed.”

It’s that same old trick of implying guilt on the Israeli side by looking only at the number of casualties.

The article neglects to mention the thousands of rocket and other terror attacks from the Palestinian side leading up to the war, the terror tunnels Hamas had built with money and supplies which were meant to help their people, or most importantly, their use of civilians as human shields, including their own children. Hamas is responsible for whatever civilians were killed during Operation Protective Edge, but the BBC did not find that part to be pertinent information when writing this article…

BBC biased?  I am shocked, shocked!