Animals win one: Mules slated for euthanization escape to Iran

A Hakkari court ruled for the euthanization of 97 mules seized during a smuggling operation on the border last November on the grounds that the mules “threatened human and animal health,” but were informed that the mules had escaped to Iran on Jan. 7, after heavy snowfall destroyed the tent they were being held in.

Turkey’s ground forces determined smugglers were crossing the Turkey-Iran border near the Onbaşılar village in the Yüksekova district of Turkey’s southeastern Hakkari province on Nov. 9. 2014. A group of nine Iranians was caught smuggling 97 mules and 160 cans of diesel fuel, which were confiscated by the ground forces.

The mules were handed over to a trustee, Perviz Beşer, who is the headman of a nearby village.
A Hakkari court ruled for the euthanization of the mules on the grounds they could hold health risks to both humans and other animals…