‘Something is going wrong in Sweden’ – Islamophobia

Swedish entrepreneur Asim Mehmood.

A fortnight after the Paris attacks, Asim Mehmood, 31, who is a Muslim and an entrepreneur in Umeå, northern Sweden, says he’s feeling increasingly afraid about growing Islamophobia in Sweden.

Sweden is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. It has a natural beauty and a beauty in society that allows different cultures, values and norms. There is no doubt that most Swedish people are lovely and have big hearts. I love them, but something is going wrong.

Today, as a Muslim in Sweden, I feel depression in the air.

Sometimes I get worried that someone might hit or bully my wife in future at a bus stop if she wishes to wear a hijab, will attack my father for having a beard, or tease my kids for being different. I felt this after the recent attacks on mosques in Sweden and after the Paris shootings…