Saskatoon Muslims say religious insults are hate speech

A group of Saskatoon Muslims say insults to religion are not freedom of expression and should be considered hate speech.

Roughly 75 Muslims gathered outside Saskatoon City Hall on Sunday to protest the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo’s depictions of the Islam prophet Muhammad.

The new issue has a cartoon of Muhammad, with a tear running down his cheek and a sign that reads “Je Suis Charlie.” Followers of Islam consider depictions of their prophet insulting or even a sin.

The Saskatoon protest lasted approximately 45 minutes with members slowly filtering in following afternoon prayers. On one side of the gender divided protest, men held white signs reading “free speech has limits,” and men and women quietly sang prayers.

Protest organizer Mustafa Mustaan said he welcomes intellectual debate, but insults against faith should not be part of free speech…

So, we must adapt to them, rather than them adapting to us.

Keep talking, idiots, this is exactly the way fuel a “backlash.” Get it through your head: no one else gives a damn about your wretched “prophet.”  

With all that it is going on abroad, there has never been a worse time to try sell your fake “religion of peace.”  

We are sick of Islam and sick of your distorted priorities, that place a higher value on being spared the sight of a stupid cartoon than on human life itself.  

If this not a culture clash, I don’t what is.