Paris to sue Fox News after anti-Muslim claims attacked their honor

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo (above) announced in an interview on Tuesday that the city would be suing FOX News

FOX News has come under international fire with the revelation that the network has made a very unlikely, yet highly powerful, new foe – the city of Paris.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo sat down for her first international interview since the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack on Tuesday, telling Christiane Amanpour that it was her intent to go after the polarizing news organization for ‘attacking the honor and the image’ of the city in statements made in the wake of this tragedy.

More specifically, the decision by the network to introduce the anti-Muslim myth that Paris, and most of Europe, had become filled with areas they referred to as ‘no go zones,’ which were off limits to everyone but Muslims – including police and government officials — and governed by Sharia law…

France is making a big mistake. There are no-go zones, although term goes not mean that they are completely off limits to everyone else. But they are dangerous and police must take special precautions.

It is not something any government wants to admit. For example, such zones also exist in Karachi, Pakistan. A news site found out from police sources. It was not advertised, needless to say.

Where law enforcers fear to tread: The entry fee for these spots of Karachi may be your life: Shortly after the armed forces launched the Kalosha II operation in South Waziristan back in 2004, the crocodiles lazing in the murky natural pond in Manghopir got new neighbours. Suddenly, they weren’t the most dangerous residents of the area.

Embedded in the increased influx of Mehsud tribesmen coming to Karachi were militants who settled in Pakhtun-dominated areas of the city, attempting to blend in unnoticed. They would soon go on to disrupt the life of the city’s residents – including the crocodiles at Hazrat Khawaja Hassan’s shrine, which was closed for over a month following the bomb attack in 2010 on Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s shrine.

“First, the hunters – the law enforcers – used to only get hurt when they dared to put their hands in the den of the lions, the militants. Now it seems as if the lions have come out of the den and are stalking the hunters themselves,” DSP Qamar Ahmed told The Express Tribune.

The militants, including Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) members, now have an iron grip over parts of the city, including Sohrab Goth, Manghopir and Ittehad Town. Over the years, they made increasingly brazen attacks, including one on Sohrab Goth police station on January 29 this year…

  • eMan14

    First of all, there are no go zones. To pretend otherwise is symptomatic of delusional thinking.
    Secondly, if they are not completely no go zones, you can bet they are I don’t wanna go zones.

  • Iamnotweetoddit

    I think the phrase “Cheese eating surrender Monkeys” applies now more than ever.

  • The_Infidel_01

    So france has become completely muslim now I see. they are suing for their honour. Isn’t that a bit like honour killing, litigation jihad. France has capitulated completely, france is no longer part of the west.

  • pdxnag

    Let France’s tourism dollars shrivel up like that of Egypt, until the scourge of Islam is expelled.

    • Petrilla

      I just got a make sure you visit Egypt from my travel agent. Visit Egypt? Are you nuts? I am quite fond of my hands and legs and head. Do tell when these pathetic islamists have quit. Egypt, no more tourists for you.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Paris is now, despite its “solidarity” parade, supporting its Muslim invaders.

    How does one say Allahu Akbar in French?

    • Petrilla

      it breaks my heart. It also means no more tourists.

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    As postal workers assigned to the Malmö district of Seved feel too threatened to carry out their duties, the residents themselves will now have to deliver their own post.

  • In Britain, Attacks on a Surprising Group: Firefighters

    Fire crews are being attacked 40 times a week, assaulted by bricks, bottles and stones as they tackle blazes, the Fire Brigades Union said today.

    Other incidents include ambushes, booby traps and attacks with lumps of wood and knives.

    “In some areas attacking fire crews has become a recreational activity, with very serious consequences,” said the union’s general secretary Matt Wrack.

    • Clausewitz

      They carry axes. They should use them.

    • Petrilla

      Don’t they have a Prime Minister to protect their firefighters in the UK? Canadian firefighters should stand with their brethren in the UK, and I know they will. bricks, bottle and wood, stones, lumps of wood and knives. Thrown at them. Firefighters. Hard to believe that UK firefighters put up with this. All EU firefighters should now come to Canada, where you will be treated with respect. Canada won’t let it happen. That you firefighters would be attacked. Disgusting. Most regular Canadians want all of you with your experience to come to Canada. You will be very welcome here.

  • Danish Firefighters Suffering Daily Attacks By Muslims In ‘Immigrant’ Neighborhoods

    “Firefighters saving lives and buildings when disaster occurs do it today at the risk of their own lives and health. Not so much because of the flames, but because they are assaulted while performing their vital functions in society.

    Stone throwing, ambushes and petrol bombs are now commonplace when firefighters today respond to gradually more and more settlements and neighborhoods dominated by immigrants.

  • Firefighters attacked by Muslims in Multicultural Sweden

    • Just a thought

      They probably set the fire themselves just to lure you in to attack you. If they don’t care about their own property or lives, why should you? Let it burn.

  • ecrivez

    France is in self censorship.
    Why would you want to visit an Islamic dominated suburb on holidays? Icky.

    • That’s the real reason, Tourism has taken a hit since the massacre, plus the presence of soldiers in the streets is not the Paris people dream of visiting.

    • Petrilla

      After the 17 dead, you would still want to go to Paris, knowing what lurks in their underground cells, not me. Your choice. Enjoy Paris.

  • roccolore

    Muslims did a damn good job of that first.

  • Observer
  • Canadian

    And car-BQs never happen! Don`t you dare say otherwise!

  • Xavier

    If successful, this suit will set precedent.

    Fox will then be able to sue every liberal group, blogger, and media outlet in existence.

  • Xavier

    I see France has adopted Islam’s tactics.

  • Hard Little Machine

    So the mayor of Paris is suing someone for stating that sharia controls vast swaths of Paris because pointing out sharia exists is a deplorable insult to Islam, under sharia.

    Gee, never saw that coming.