Ottawa firefighters cut lock to enter top-secret installation

OTTAWA—An Ottawa fire revealed that one of the federal government’s most secret installations had an “extreme vulnerability” as it was being constructed — a back gate secured by only a simple padlock.

Ottawa fire crews responding to the blaze cut open the lock and swung open the gate to gain access to the new sprawling campus of Communications Security Establishment Canada.

In the wake of the fire, which caused only minor damage, officials at the ultra-secret agency responsible for electronic surveillance fretted that news of the easy-access would leak out.

And after the Star requested documents related to the incident, agency staff sought to clampdown on the release of all potential security shortfalls with dire warnings that any disclosures would leave the agency vulnerable to “attack.”

  • Exile1981

    oops; of course the star had to publish the info so our enemies can circumvent the security.

  • glasnost

    The absurdity of the article is only exceeded by the stupidity of the reader comments. It seems there was a fire at an unoccupied construction site, and The Red Star wants to conflate that with security measures at the finished site. What a waste of space. The only thing missing is the usual shrieks “Harper Harper”.

    • Depends on how advanced construction was at the time.

    • jayme

      There is not much around this site yes there are some houses and a strip mall down the road but that’s it.

  • mauser 98

    Justin’s supplier exposed

  • cmh

    no worries….senator Grant Mitchell is taking care…lol

  • Minicapt

    Dear Toronto Star

    No. For your next request, please include your nominal roll, with office and home phone numbers, and home addresses; and the current and complete payroll file you are using. And your operational plans for the next 24 calendar months.