Martin Luther King, Jr. Day nightclub fliers: They’re a thang!

Kathy Shaidle tells you all about them at Taki’s…

From what I can make out, every year, African-Americans celebrate MLK Day with boozy parties at “da club.” Which is fine, I guess. White people have been commemorating statutory holidays with drunk driving and explosives since forever.

It’s not like I celebrate Canada Day by getting really drunk and holding a séance to contact the ghost of my dog, so it would be peevish to expect Americans of any shade to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. through, say, displays of ritual plagiarism.

If we’ve learned anything from the aforementioned Kwanzaa, it’s that historical accuracy is largely optional in the sphere of holidays.

But from what I can make out from these MLK party flyers, the whole “adultery” thing, on the other hand, is a key component.

You can see a collection at a Tumblr called “GetYourPeople,” whose disapproving motto is: “Ratchetizing our icons and abusing Photoshop, one shitty party at a time.”

All these handbills feature a photograph (or three) of Martin Luther King, as you’d expect. What you don’t expect (unless you’re J. Edgar Hoover, I guess) are images of the slain civil rights leader juxtaposed with stock photos of champagne bottles and barely-dressed females shoving their butts in his face.