Makayla Sault, girl who was allowed to refuse chemo for leukemia by Children’s Aid is dead

Makayla Sault, the 11-year-old girl who refused chemotherapy to pursue traditional indigenous medicine and other alternative treatments, has died.

She died Monday after suffering a stroke Sunday.

“Surrounded by the love and support of her family, her community and her nation … Makayla completed her course. She is now safely in the arms of Jesus,” her family said in a statement published by the Two Row Times.

The girl’s case made national headlines and ignited a debate about the validity of indigenous medicine and the rights of children to choose their own treatment.

  • eMan14

    I truly hope she is in the arms of Jesus.

    • Me too

    • occupant 9

      This is the part that gave me a whiplash. I thought the family was all traditional yet they got JC?

  • Rosenmops

    That’s really sad. Apparently she would have had a good chance if she had received treatment.

  • “Makayla was on her way to wellness, bravely fighting toward holistic well-being after the harsh side-effects that 12 weeks of chemotherapy inflicted on her body,” the family statement reads. “Chemotherapy did irreversible damage to her heart and major organs. This was the cause of the stroke.”

    Or maybe it was the leukemia. Jussayin’.

    • Gee you mean the Sweetgrass didn’t work?

      • tom_billesley

        Didn’t thay try that more advanced treatment from a superior culture, camel urine?

      • Exile1981

        Sweetgrass, smudging, fasting, sweat lodges, and my personal favorite the medicine wheel.

    • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

      Just a couple of days ago the Toronto Star ran a story, on the inside front page, about her being, at least according to her family, ‘cancer free’…….

      • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

        A scan of the full article……

        • Yeah. I’m no fancy big city oncologist, and I don’t know jack about leukemia or whether chemotherapy would have been a good trade-off for this girl. It’s a nasty treatment, chemo. So I’m not going to weigh in on what the best course of action would have been here, for this particular girl.


          She had CANCER! Jeebus, people. Traditional Indian medicine does not help with CANCER! I doubt it helps with anything but I’m quite certain that it does not help with CANCER!

          I don’t know whether these people killed their daughter but I know damn well they didn’t save her. Maybe someone else could have.

          Poor little girl.

          • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

            I’m saddened and surprised to read of her death since I read just a couple of days ago that she was ‘cancer free’.

            She certainly did not receive the best treatment possible.
            Her parents did not make the best choices for their child.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Sad news indeed. Rest in peace, little Makayla.

    I thought about her earlier tonight when CNN ran an exposé-type story about some Christian sect in America that doesn’t allow their children to get modern medical care when they are sick.

    While I am comparing two stories in two different countries, the North American media chastises Christians/Catholics for denying their children modern medical care while at the same time applauding indigenous/native peoples for denying their children modern medical care.

    Both parties are acting on a belief, so why the double standard?
    (Rhetorical question, yes.)

    • It is racism.

      • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

        Anderson Cooper followed that story up, and concluded his show, with a ‘Ridiculist’ about some gay-hating Preacher/Pastor.

        A nice lead-in to the next hour’s programming:
        A 30 minute ‘CNN Special Report’ on the Paris terror attacks, and another 30 minute ‘CNN Special Report’ titled ‘The War Within Islam’.
        (The media counters their guilt over anything that may be deemed critical of Islam by bashing Christians. It’s a common tactic not lost on this atheist.)

        The ‘War Within Islam’ show was an absolute joke.
        Not surprisingly, thanks to the help of CNN’s, not surprisingly, all Muslim panel of guests/commentators, the ‘religion’ of Islam emerged unscathed.

  • BillyHW

    What do you call “alternative medicine” that works?

    • What?

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        The placebo effect.

        • Frau Katze

          Don’t think any placebo will work for cancer.

      • Clausewitz

        Non existent.

      • BillyHW


  • As usual South Park got here first. There’s an old episode (I think with Cheech and Chong) where an Alternative Indian Healing Store (or something) comes to town. They sell Navajo-hair tampons and the like. When Kyle gets horribly sick his mother drags him in. Paraphrase: “Look, lady, you need to get that kid to a doctor. This stuff here is all bullshit. Seriously.”

    “But you’re Indian!”

    “Kind of. We’re really more like Mexicans.”

    “Oh, gross!”

  • simus1

    No one thanking the goof judges and bureaucrats that “made it all possible”?

    • Kathy Nelson

      How reassuring it is to know that there are people like you, simus1, who feel so secure about how the state knows what’s best for us all. Perhaps the state will soon determine that you require mental health treatment, at gunpoint of course, to make you an even better slave. Who could refuse that?

      • I wouldn’t want the State as the ultimate arbiter of my life but I wouldn’t trust a mixture of wheat germ and sweet grass to cure me, either.

        • Kathy Nelson

          At least you would have the choice, wouldn’t you? Or does that even matter?

          • I’m an adult. I can’t “insult” the Muslims but I can drastically shorten my life with some Stone Age nonsense.

            This child was a pawn for professional Indians and nothing more.

          • Kathy Nelson

            Your reply is nonsensical and totally off point. What, exactly is a “professional Indian” or are you just looking for a forum to spout bigotry?

          • It’s not off point. Adults can do whatever they want with their own health, but not their children’s.

          • Your self-righteous indignation has been noted.

            I’m still waiting for evidence that sweet grass is a better cancer-fighter than chemotherapy.

          • Kathy Nelson

            You have already been told that chemotherapy does not “fight” cancer, it just poisons the body so badly the the cancer either can’t live in it or it withdraws to blossom at a later time, usually after the immune system has been destroyed by poisonous chemo.

            You seem a bit obsessed with sweet grass so please list its medicinal values and how it compares to poisoning by chemo.

            You think I am being self-righteous? Is that how you respond to an accusation of bigotry? Perhaps you would prefer something more direct? You are an ignorant, racist, cold-hearted, miserable wretch. Feel better? Should I have added that you are a “professional” at it as well?

          • I think Kathy you are in need of meds. Seriously.

          • Kathy Nelson

            A very common, and troll-like response. Especially when a creature is not able to pose an intelligent argument.

          • (sigh)

            It’s clear that you have been getting your information from natural health sites.



            You can cram that any time you like.

          • Kathy Nelson

            I am unimpressed with your single link to a minor study of brain cancers which are first burned with radiation and then poisoned with some drug big pharma is hyping. The “study” results are pathetic.

            You are a foul bigot. You are filled with glee that Makayla died because you think her, and her people’s, refusal to comply with medical idiocy justifies your opinion that the Ojibwe (and other natives) are sub-human and need to be properly controlled by arrogant elitests like you. What a disgrace you are.

          • You think Osu is “filled with glee that Makayla died”? You say that it’s her opinion that “the Ojibwe (and other natives) are sub-human”? Kathy, there’s no reason at all for you to say anything like that. This is just stuff you’re imagining. You really don’t seem to be thinking very clearly.

          • Kathy Nelson

            Let bigot Osuwhacko speak for itself. My thoughts and experience in these matters are very clear. Take your Alinsky crap to the outhouse with you.

          • My name is Osumashi Kinyobe and the only person I wouldn’t let drive a go-kart is Kathy Nelson.

          • Kathy, you’re getting tiresome.

          • Kathy Nelson

            Tiresome? Oh, excuse me, your highness. I suppose it is tiresome for you to be shown what a foul bigot you really are.
            Should future readers go through these comments they will find your comments about “professional Indians” at work and

            how Makayla Sault “has a terrible name by the way”.

            You are disgusting, Osumaggot.

  • G

    Way to go judge. Way to go lawyers. You killed a kid. But you stood up for their “rights”. You’re the hero here.

    The fact that maybe the kid had a right to live and the parents had responsibilities never entered your pompous, self righteous minds did it assholes?


    • Kathy Nelson

      It would be a real good idea for you to take a look at the fascist face you see in the mirror every day, G (the no profile disqus spoofer pirate). I suppose you are fretting about not being able to own this child as your personal property?

      • G

        Aaawww did I upset you? 😀

  • Stronger Than Dirt

    She was ‘free’ of cancer yet died of a stroke – info ? Anyone ?

    • Exile1981

      The parents are claiming the alternative medicine cured her of the cancer but the stroke was caused by the 12 weeks of chemo she had previously had. I see another lawsuit coming, they will go after the hospital and doctors who did the chemo for “causing” the stroke; because the parents are such good medical types they can know without an autopsy what the root cause of the stroke was.

      • Karmel

        Hmmm. Maybe an autopsy is in order.

  • disqus_PwGxBXHn8l

    Frau Katze says below, placebo does not work for cancer. No, it doesn’t.

    Placebo is the most powerful effect in medicine. Just knowing that a world class doctor has been flown in from Switzerland to help with our relative’s case helps. If “knowing” is all everyone needs. (It could actually be a clever medical student impersonating the role. But might still work.)

    But placebo is no help against cancer. Once, a doctor friend explained to me, “We never really ‘cure’ cancer, we only stop it. We beat it back to the roots, but it will try to come back again, always, through life.”

    The cancer survivor must remain vigilant.

    All that said, there is a serious question about treatments for childhood cancer and it is not an easy one to discuss.

    So I ask, What usually happens, whether we treat or don’t? Apparently, childhood cancer survival rates are improving:

    The cancer could come back later, of course, but …)

    But what if the treatment involves a thigh amputation? With no guarantees about risk of recurrence. See, for example, Terry Fox

    He is an inspiration, but no one demanded it of him.

    My instinct would be not to leave it to the kid or the parents or the Children’s Aid or the religion to refuse treatment if the stats show a chance. Thoughts?

    • Kathy Nelson

      Should a child be mutilated, maimed or left in a condition of permanent illness brought on by cancer “treatment” just to prolong a life? Even if it means that life will have no quality at all? If modern medicine was less profit-driven would there be more (less brutal) treatments that would lead to a good quality of life no matter how brief that life is. Is the fight here against a disease or against death? We all know who wins that battle.

      • Feel free to throw away all the treatments modern medicine has given you.

        Seeing as it bothers you so much.

        • Kathy Nelson

          Are you changing the subject to me because you have nothing intelligent to bring to the subject of this news article?
          Thought so.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good. We need to thin the herd of idiots.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Freedom also includes the Freedom to stay stupid and ignorant.

  • Reader

    Her parents and the band “Chief” who egged them on to reject modern medicine and use their cultural healing methods INSTEAD of real medical methods should all be investigated for manslaughter.

    The Chief seemed only interested in getting publicity for herself.

  • Kathy Nelson

    She did not die of cancer. The chemo killed her, not the cancer. If she had not used the chemo poisons in the first place she would have lived longer, and may have even fought off the cancer. Chemo damages every organ in the body. Worldwide chemo fails 97% of the time. In this “modern” era we still have medical witch doctors using their version of bleeding, leeching and exorcism, and calling it chemotherapy (poisoning the whole body to “maybe” poison a cancer), and even invoking the law to take children from their parents to poison them for the profits of hospitals and big pharma. All for their own good, so says the state.
    Goodbye Makayla, you left us knowing that your family loved and respected you. You passed on knowing that you had not become the property of the state.

    • I trust you have a plethora of proof for this.

      • Kathy Nelson

        And I trust you can prove that chemo “cures” cancer?

        • I know people survive longer with it.

          • Kathy Nelson

            Really? And how do you know that? From some big pharma statistics or a website for wishful thinking?

          • Is this the part where you floor me with evidence that Stone Age herbs help?

          • Kathy Nelson

            No, it was a legitimate question which you are obviously unable to answer.

          • Honestly Kathy you’re arguments are not advancing your case.

          • I asked you first.

            Now cough up an answer.

    • Karmel

      Yet, it helps fight cancer in other people. Go figure.

      • Kathy Nelson

        Chemo doesn’t “fight” cancer. It poisons the entire body in an attempt to make it impossible for the cancer to live in the body. It is a brutally stupid way to treat a disease that fails more often than not. Chemo consists of cancer-causing poisons and results in the appearance of other cancers appearing in the body after the chemo is halted or suspended. Modern medicine has never “cured” anyone of cancer as cancer cells always exist in even the healthiest of bodies. It is our immune system that fights off these cancer cells and the first thing that chemo does is destroy the immune system.

    • Do you agree that Jehovah’s Witnesses should have the right to let their children die because they are opposed to blood transfusions? How about Christian Scientists, who, as is my understanding, prefer to pray the cancer away?

      Is there an age-line you’d draw? For example, in your world would a JW be allowed to refuse a transfusion on behalf of his 10-year-old but not his toddler?

      Do you have the slightest evidence that “traditional Native medicine” does anything to fight leukemia?

      • Kathy Nelson

        Do you have evidence that natural medicine has always failed to help people? Modern medicine excels in in providing things like surgery to repair broken bones but when it comes to illness modern medicine is a pathetic failure. The failure likely comes from the fact that sick people produce profits, healthy people do not.

        If there is clear evidence that a child is being abused or neglected by their caregivers then, yes, certain steps may need to be taken by authorities that may include confiscation of the child. I believe those instances to be rare and confiscation to be excessively common (as in Arizona where the state profits from child confiscation for profits made through adoptions).

        The concerns of a parent or guardian must always be paramount in determining the level of treatment. A child who can vocalize their distress must be listened to and not treated like some caged pet. Some children have a greater level of maturity and can express their wishes clearly and with full understanding of the consequences. That is why we have the Mature Minor Doctrine and allow for the emancipation of minors. Each case must be weighed on its merits.

        Cassandra Callender, a 17 year old, is currently incarcerated in a Pennsylvania hospital and is being forced to accept poisonous chemo against her wishes. She was violently seized from her mother when they began to seek alternatives to treat Cassandra’s questionable diagnosis of Hodgkins Lymphoma. At age 17 Cassandra could have been tried as an adult if she had committed a crime, but she committed no crime and is now likely to die from being poisoned by a bunch of foul profiteers.

        • It’s called Quackery for a reason Kathy.

          • Kathy Nelson

            The third largest killer in the US is iatrogenesis, or medically induced illness or injury. I would think that would make you question who the “quacks” are.

          • Cite your sources please.

          • Kathy Nelson

            One source of many. Is it so difficult for you to do your own google search?

        • “Do you have evidence that natural medicine has always failed to help people?”

          You’ve heard that old saying that it’s often impossible to prove a negative, I suppose.

          “Modern medicine excels in in providing things like surgery to repair broken bones but when it comes to illness modern medicine is a pathetic failure. The failure likely comes from the fact that sick people produce profits, healthy people do not.”

          I suppose that’s why nearly every illness you can think of is now treatable or curable. I get the impression you think there’s some sort of evil conspiracy of mendacious Big Pharma to poison people with fake medicine in order to make lots of cashola. Well grow up. Who do you think is inventing all this medication that’s made human life 100 times less awful than it was in the past?

          I agree with you about Cassandra Callender, but 17 is not 11.

          • Kathy Nelson

            “I suppose that’s why nearly every illness you can think of is now treatable or curable.”

            What kind of baloney are you spouting? I can’t seem to find the cure for the common cold on the store shelf. Why? There’s a lot of money to be made with all those symptom treaters. My brother has diabetes, a disease that has been known for a very long time. Why isn’t there a cure? Is it because of the billions in profits made to “treat” it? Cystic Fibrosis, Muscular Dystrophy, ALS. Alzheimers……
            The list goes on and on.
            BIG money to be made off of cancer.
            Who says life is less awful now then in the past? Believe it or not there were people who lived to ripe old ages before the invention of synthetic drugs.

          • b_marco

            You’re on the bullet train to pre-industrialized Kooksville if you really believe that crap.

          • Your brother would probably be dead if a treatment for diabetes hadn’t been found. Why do you put “treat” in scare quotes? Is insulin not an effective treatment for diabetes?

            You haven’t died of polio I notice.

            Those people who lived to ripe old ages – and they weren’t numerous – often were blind, deaf, crippled, oothless, chronically infected etc. Do you have any idea what real pain medication can do? Germ theory? How many women used to die in childbirth? How many children never made it to 5? Oh yeah, modern medicine really sucks.

            Nobody’s getting rich selling me the cheap-as-chips pills that keep my hypothyroidism at bay. Look up the symptoms some time. I must say I’m glad I’m not living with them.

            Oh, and why haven’t the Ojibwe cured Cystic Fibrosis yet?

    • How do you know the “Chemo” killed her?

  • Kathy Nelson

    Here is Makayla, stating her own wishes:

    • This same child can’t vote, drive a car or sign a permission slip for a school field trip.

      • Kathy Nelson

        Your point? Are you saying that respect must have some kind of legal decree?

        • Then feel free to let six year old have the vote.

          • Kathy Nelson

            Stop being so foolish. Voting for a low-life politician cannot be compared with having your personal suffering acknowledged and respected. The medical “profession” has lost all concept of respect, and so, apparently, have you.

          • Stop being melodramatic.

            You are neither a libertarian nor a critical thinker. You’re bitter, perhaps, and you’re definitely not thinking.

            If a child told you she didn’t want the measles vaccination, would you think she has weighed all the options as an adult might? Of course she hasn’t. That’s what parents are for.

            Instead of opting for a treatment that shows any promise, Makayla Sault’s (terrible name, by the way) parents decided to stick it to the very establishment that funds and coddles them.

          • Kathy Nelson

            Your insufferable bigotry defies belief. You even go so far as to insult this dead child’s very name. All you have offered is insults and diversions, nothing concrete or worthwhile. You need to be flushed.

          • Oh my God, are you STILL here?

    • Have you ever met an 11-year-old?

      • Kathy Nelson

        I have met many 11-year-olds face to face and have also met one on an internet comment line, its handle is Osumashi Kinyobe.

  • DMB

    I wonder if Justin Trudeau will demand a national inquiry to the death of this young aboriginal girl!

    • Kathy Nelson

      Why should he? Canada has killed a lot of people, just like the US has. What would one more mean to a power-hungry politician?