French police accused of brutality at Calais migrant camp

French police intercept migrants attempting to cross the English Channel near Calais Photo: Steve Finn/The Telegraph

Migrants in Calais hoping to cross the Channel to the UK have accused the French police of beating them.

Researchers from Human Rights Watch spoke to 44 asylum seekers and migrants in Calais, including three children.

Nineteen, including two of the children, said police had abused them at least once, including beatings. Eight had visible broken limbs or other injuries, which they alleged were caused by police in Calais and surrounding areas. Twenty one, including two children, said police had sprayed them with pepper spray.

“Asylum seekers and migrants shouldn’t have to face police violence in France, and no one who applies for asylum should be left to live in the street,” said Izza Leghtas, Western Europe researcher at Human Rights Watch.

“Providing adequate reception conditions and humane treatment for asylum seekers isn’t only a matter of meeting legal obligations, it is also the right thing to do to help end the limbo for many asylum seekers in Calais.”

HRW produced a video of some of their interviews, with migrants showing their cut and bruised faces and arms in slings.

But the French police told HRW they were unaware of any accusations of abuse…

They are all illegals, most of them boat people.