#Equality video mocks social justice warriors in parody of politically correct future

A video called #Equality has gone viral for mocking those known as ‘social justice warriors’.

In it, a white female and brown man have a conversation while using a dialect designed to avoid any potentially offensive wording.

A white male from the past is transported to this politically correct utopia and is discriminated against by the two for being a ‘straight white man’.

  • Chris P. Bacon

    They couldn’t use a “straight white male” actor without tattoos and piercings? It would’ve reinforced the contrast.

    • This is true.

    • Martin Luffa

      As if those self-hating whites aren’t on the genocide list as well

      • Frances

        The “male” is supposedly brown.

  • JoKeR
  • lucius


  • eMan14

    If it’s not our future, there are those who will try to achieve it.

  • Exile1981

    It would have been funny if it wasn’t so likely.