Concerns about controversial material at mosque connected to local school

The education minister is concerned about claims a mosque connected to an elementary school in Montreal’s west end has been distributing literature that some say promotes a radical view of Islam.

One passage suggests a person might use violence to defend property and the innocent if they’re motivated by divine teachings; the booklet calls that type of jihad “courageous.”

Montreal Muslim Council president Salam Elmenyawi said he’s now reviewing the book, explaining that it may have started as an attempt to explain Islam – but has once again embarrassed members of the peaceful faith.


This is a follow up to the Montreal Journal’s Muslim Association of Canada expose.

A “peaceful faith.”

How many times have we heard that?  How many times more will our politicians repeat that lie?  Regardless of the daily toll of Muslim atrocities they expect us to believe it. To believe that the majority of Muslims live in peace despite the fact that they would be hard pressed to name a single Muslim state that doesn’t persecute its religious and or ethnic minorities, homosexuals or other Muslims for that matter. To believe that a cult that looks upon us as Kuffars is peaceful. To believe that the same people who would strip us of our most basic right to freedom of speech over a depiction of their cult idol are peaceful at heart.

Islam is never peaceful.

As I wrote previously nothing will come of this.

In Canada our political class hold a deep appreciation for  the diversity brought to our shores by the Muslim community and an even deeper appreciation of their votes.

As is always the case this will allow them to forgive anything the Muslim community does no matter how bizarre. In Toronto we have a Mullah who considers 9 year old’s marriage bait. His organization runs Muslim schools, among them one whose curriculum compared Jews to Nazis. And who can forget that the TDSB enforces gender segregation and the isolating of menstruating girls per sharia law at public elementary schools. Or the Calgary police department that declared posting excerpts from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion  among much other filth was not an indication of anti-semitism.

Courting and importing will continue apace, all in the name of multiculturalism of course.

The beat goes on.