Black American Hopes Selma Bombs at the Box Office

I must admit to experiencing schadenfreude (feeling pleasure from the misfortunes of others) upon learning that Oprah’s movie Selma was snubbed by the Oscars, receiving only two nominations.

As a black conservative Tea Party activist, I knew that the movie was simply another propaganda tool for the Democratic Party and America-hating leftists – a part of their ongoing hideous campaign promoting the lie that America sucks and blacks are still victims of an eternally racist country. Sure enough, as I predicted, the usual suspects who produced Selma are being criticized for blatantly rewriting history.

  • Uncle_Waspy

    It’s very strange that the Academy snubbed not just “Selma”, but in fact all of the race-porn movies of 2014. You’d think they would be slobbering all over these films. Maybe the dismal box office receipts reflect waning white guilt.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I noted that not a single prior black Oscar winner has commented on this. Except with the possible exception of some low level grumbling of Spike Lee. I noted further that not single First Black Winner of ANY such shiny trinket award be it Tony, Grammy, Golden Globe, Pulitzer, Nobel Prize, National Book award, SAG, or anything else I can think of off the top my head has weighed in. At all.

  • jayme

    Last year with tv ratings for network shows being so bad a group of black people said have more non whites on shows and ratings will increase well they did that and ratings did not increase they got worse.

  • Dana Garcia

    What I really appreciate about Catfur is the outstanding art.

  • Reader

    I watched Gwen Ifill on the PBS Newshour question movie director Ava DuVernay of Selma on the historical inaccuracy on falsely portraying President Johnson as being anti-black, rather than the historical truth of The President while having a testy relationship of MLK being a supporter of equal rights to the point that he admitted his work to bring in the 1964 Civil Rights Act by making deals with both Republicans and northern Democrats would cost his party dearly, saying “We have lost the South for a generation”.

    The response from the producer was that “this is art” “I’m not a historian” “I’m an artist who explored history” “the ideas I have about history I have put into this project I have made.” “This is the way I see it. This is the way I interpret it.” “I can get into a debate about the whole minutiae of history and interpretation, but I’m not a custodian of anyone’s legacy.” “I’m trying to invite people into the spirit of the movement and that was my intention.”

    When even the family of MLK rufused to support this film against Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay, it says a lot.

    Listening to her makes it clear that she wanted to rewrite history, presumably for political purposes.

  • David Murrell

    I hate to throw cold water on the posted essay, but a couple of things:

    1. Did Selma “bomb” at the box office? The author mentions that Selma received only two Oscar noms, but surely nobody can believe that the Academy Awards system is an unbiased arbiter of good-vs-bad fims. The Academy is as politically-correct as they come. I certainly would not waste my time watching the Oscars. IMDB reports that “Selma” has grossed $29-million, and cost $20-million to make: not a “bomb” as I see it;

    2. Should conservatives dump on raced-based films like Selma, as a “bad” film per se? What leftists like Oprah do is to pick-and-choose historical events that lend credibility to the black cause in the United States, events that are on the morally-sound side.

    Let’s take the Selma marches for example:

    I lived in the U.S. as a young boy then, read about the issue a lot, and I sided with the black demonstrators, demonstrating for voting rights. Few conservatives would be against that.

    To take another example, I am a student of the American Civil War, and — if a leftist movie producer wanted to pick-and-choose a topic to advance the black cause — they could do a story on the Southern Army’s assault on Fort Pillow (1864) where the South (under Nathaniel Bedford Forrest) captured the fort, and shot out of hand scores of captured black soldiers (the captured white soldiers were spared). The reason why white liberal Hollywood hasn’t made this picture is because few big-shot producers read American history.

    So this is what liberal activists do, pick a motherhood issue that supports their side, and milk it for all its worth. It us true that “Selma” is propagandistic and shallow, and perhaps that is why it has received mixed reviews.

    Let’s not forget Clint Eastwood picked-and-chose “American Sniper” (2015), a film supporting some conservative values. This film has enraged the hard-core left. to be sure. But Eastwood’s film is nuanced and well-made, more thought provoking, and not that propagandistic.

    My point is conservatives should not dump on “Selma” (since voting rights should be universal), in the same way that leftists shouldn’t dump on “American Sniper” (since fighting Islamo-nazism should be universally supported).

    • Exile1981

      I think people are dumping on it for the bad acting and the fact it is a very biased story. ie they rewrote history rather than tell the real story which would have been just as powerful and supportive of their beliefs.

  • truthdareisay

    Hey Selma, what did you do with Rabbi Heschel who marched in the front lines with MLK?

  • DVult

    Oprah has something to do with it? Ok, it’s crap. Switch it off and run in the other direction.