Australia raises terror threat level against police to ‘high’

(Reuters) – Australia raised the threat level of a terrorist attack against law enforcement officers to “high” on Tuesday, federal police said, citing intelligence, discussions with international partners and recent high-profile attacks in Europe and Canada.

The change in the threat level for police officers brings it in line with the current threat level against the general public, which was raised to high in September and has remained so following a hostage crisis in Sydney in December.

“As a result of intelligence information and discussions with our partners, the terrorism threat level against police is assessed as high, which is commensurate with the broader threat level for the community,” the Australian Federal Police (AFP) said in a statement.

  • Stronger Than Dirt

    Imo, while lawful police are right to be concerned about islamic terrorists, politicians and the governments are inviting them in at the expense of citizens and the police (i.e. France) – by the hundreds of thousands.

    • Yes, our governments remain convinced that mass immigration actually helps the economy.

      In Canada our politicians doubled the Muslim population in the decade following 911 with Pakistan, one of the most rabid Muslim states being the top source of new settlers.