African armies cannot defeat Boko Haram terror, experts warn

Boko Haram’s campaign of abduction and terror has spread beyond Nigeria to become a regional threat which African armies lack the strength to defeat, experts warned on Monday.

The Islamist gunmen struck across Nigeria’s eastern border into Cameroon on Sunday, raiding two villages and taking about 80 people captive.

Boko Haram routinely sells its prisoners into slavery. The latest incident was the biggest case of mass abduction ever recorded in Cameroon.

The national army claimed to have rescued about 20 of the captives on Monday. But Cameroon’s army has only 12,500 soldiers to protect a country almost twice the size of Britain.

  • wayne’sworld

    Do I care? Not really.

    I don’t want to save every one.

  • simus1

    Fighting muslim terrorists is expensive.
    Confronting their backers at all levels in the Nigerian government and the armed forces could provoke a civil war.
    Running a corrupt do nothing government is far more rewarding.

    • They operate with near impunity, me thinks something is rotten.

      • Exile1981

        Everyone knows the muslims in the gov’t agree with boko and have been funneling them arms and information. It’s the gov’ts stealth way of purging non-muslims out of the country without getting on the bad side of the international community. It’s not “ethnic cleansing” when it’s not done by government forces but by evil “terrorists” that the government is telling the world it is working hard to fight and stop.

        • pdxnag

          Isn’t this the emerging model for Islam in the West?

          • Exile1981


    • Justin

      In the meantime,Western-backed, politically-correct authorities have
      arrested a major leader of a Christian militia who are fighting back against
      islamic jihadists in CAR. The anti-Christian West was obviously offended by
      this no-nonsense Christian militia who have succeeded in defeating an
      islamo-fascist dictatorship there in just a few months, a feat that America and
      the West could NOT do in their 13 year, politically-correct war in Afghanistan.
      Read more about this on the BBC link below:

  • Hard Little Machine

    No Jews No News. Someone needs to call up the UN and declare that Nigeria is a victim of the Jews and their evil eternal global plan for domination.

  • Doug Kursk

    ..meanwhile, Canada sleepwalks its way to danger with a standing army comprised of approximately 16.5k soldiers, airmen and sailors at the pointy end.

    How many times can you fit GB into Canada?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Obama would prefer using the military to fight the Ebola virus than the Boko Haram savages.