UK: Well Integrated Muslim Law Trainee Posts 21 Minute Kuffar Hating Rant Video Over #CharlieHebdo

A trainee lawyer at one of the world’s biggest law firms has posted a 21-minute online rant in which he blames the Paris attacks on non-Muslim “kuffar” who “killed our people and raped and pillaged our resources”.

Aysh Chaudhry, from international law firm Clifford Chance, tried to explain the terrorist atrocities that left 17 people dead and how Muslims should respond.

Mr Chaudhry, who works in the firm’s mergers and acquisitions department, criticised moderate Muslims for allowing their minds to be “colonised” and claimed Islam was “superior” to Western ideology.

Video is at the link.


What’s even more shocking is that this hate filled Muslim still has his job.

Clifford Chance, his employer is obviously in fear of being called racist and set on by England’s kangaroo human rights tribunals.

h/t ZD

  • simus1

    Why does the “kuffir law” hold such an attraction for idiot Dumpsterstani’s?
    Won’t they all be out of work once sharia paradise is in effect?

    • Imagine if a Englishman had these things about Islam. He’d be drawn and quartered.

  • pdxnag

    Core free speech is the right to criticize government and government officials, and candidates for political office. The political judgment is that whatever harm or offense someone feels from this open debate in the democratic process is outweighed by the harm that can result from allowing any sitting government or government official to exempt itself from criticism.

    Islam merges religion and government into one. Thus, to prevent tyrannical “government” the wide open and vigorous freedom to criticize government (man made government, self rule) must be fully applicable to all things Islamic. It is Muslims after all who claim the exclusive right to rule, and under Sharia alone, as the only recognized government.