The West doesn’t want to make the changes that will allow it to win this war

Take another look at the video filmed under the Charlie Hebdo’s building, the black car of the terrorists who had no fear of death and are advancing by shooting, while the white car of the policemen is forced to retreat.

We are capitulating.

The West cannot win this war. Take the last French mass rally with dozens of heads of states from around the world: it was a silent march, a mute show where nobody took the podium. As if these people didn’t know what to say. As if these Western leaders didn’t really believe in what they were doing in Paris.

A few days ago, Martin Wolf in the British daily Financial Times gave voice to the deep estrangement of Europe’s élite. He suggested using massive doses of multicultural recognition of equality between different cultures in order to combat Islamism. Mr. Wolf is implicitly saying that we must surrender, that we cannot win, that we have to contain terror and finally find a way to coexist with it.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The one exception, if you will, was Netanyahu, but he spoke in a Paris synagogue, not at the rally.

  • Barrington Minge

    Should there not be a strategy in the West of not letting ANY muslims into our countries while we deal with the nutters that are already here?
    Anybody from a muslim country or who is a muslim should be required to obtain a visa and prove a valid case for coming to a civilised country. Nothing else will do.

  • 1Bastet

    The West cannot win this war until the leaders grow a backbone (or some other body part) and acknowledge that islam and the teachings of the koran are the root cause.
    The march was a photo op for the elitist leadership. It served no practical purpose. The time for marches in support of freedom of expression was way back when those Danish motoons were first published and the moslems went on their murderous world wide temper tantrums. That should have served as a wake up call to the world but obviously it did not.
    The evidence is staring everyone in the face. How is it that we peons can see it so plainly and the ‘elitists’ will not? What is in it for them?

  • Una Salus

    France does have this effect on people.

  • Destroyer-Drone

    This is absolutely true. The West is willingly accepting to become a part of the mohammedan empire. And let’s not fool ourselves on this crucial point, it is an empire, Europe will be a colony as much as the Ottoman Balkans were. In fact it is already very much part of it in all but name.

    The younger generations of native Westerners in Europe are even more clueless and effeminate than the previous ones. Europe still perfectly emulates its mass-democratic tradition in that Europe’s leaders are fairly representative of the general population. Yes yes, the people might jeer and boo at them, but they ultimately hold the same naive conceptions and that is why they ended up in power in the first place.

    Europe got the leaders it deserved, and so did it get the immigrants it deserved at the same time.

    What will it take for those morons to wake up? An obliterated power plant? Sabotaged water supplies? A mushroom cloud? Your guess is as good as mine, although my general impression is that nothing will be able to wake them up.

    Machiavelli knew better when he said “men must be either pampered or annihilated. They avenge light offenses; they cannot avenge severe ones.” What he did was sum up basic human nature in that phrase, and islamic ungratefulness is a textbook example of it.

    The fact is that the “islamophobic backlash” should have taken place 14 years ago. Sadly, we’re stuck at the stage of sorting out who is an ‘islamist’ and a ‘moderate’ & where we doodle harmless caricatures.

  • Appeasement, capitulation and surrender may work for the spineless emasculated Europeans. They love to poke fun at the macho bravado of the Yanks.

    They will need to learn again from the Yanks. We are individually armed and loaded to the teeth. (Obama would like to change this, but he won’t have enough time in office to defeat the 2nd amendment).

    If push comes to shove in the US, there will be a lot more red neck patriots than muslims jihadists. And political correctness will be flushed down the drain.

  • Bataviawillem

    You can’t blame the french police for backing out, an AK47 shoots right trough a car, it offers no protection what so ever, even a wall from railway ties don’t stop an AK bullet.