Tensions high ahead of Danish Pegida events

Police promise a ‘very visible’ presence at demonstrations for and against Pegida in Copenhagen and Aarhus as death threats from Isis terrorists lead to the cancellation of the weekly Pegida march in Dresden, Germany.

Despite rumours to the contrary and the cancellation of the weekly Pegida march in Dresden, the organizer of a Monday Pegida event in Copenhagen vowed that it will go on as planned.

Nicolai Sennels, the man behind the Copenhagen march, told The Local that “fake press releases, fake Facebook pages etc are spreading false rumours” about the cancellation of his event, which he said is about expressing resistance to a “violent type of Islam” that his group fears is spreading across Europe.

The cancellation rumours circulated at the same time that death threats from the terrorist group Islamic State (Isis) led Dresden organizers to call off Monday’s Pegida event there.

UPDATE: A spokesperson has said that Monday’s cancellation of Germany’s anti-Islamic Pegida movement on Monday, was not the end of the ogranisation. A death threat against organizers from Muslims of the Islamic State jihadist group was confirmed on Sunday.