Security versus secrecy: What is the public entitled to know?

Clement agreed. “I think that plays into the terrorists’ hands, making society uneasy,” he said, noting that Montreal’s police chief said last month his force was monitoring 100 people — more than the RCMP’s October estimate.


So, the Feds say they’re monitoring 90, Montreal is monitoring 100 on it’s own. I wonder if Toronto devotes any resources to the surveillance of threats emanating from the Muslim community, the GTA is home to 600,000.

Makes one wonder doesn’t it.

While I understand the need for security it also appears that our security and police services have adopted a very Rotherham like attitude.

  • Ottawa Eyes

    They should also be monitoring the marxists/socialists who have been responsible for riots in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax, Vancouver and Quebec City. They seem to like major public events when there will be foreign media in those cities.

    • I suspect any resources devoted to such activity have been re-allocated to the Islam watch. I know the OPP used to devote resources/manpower specifically to monitoring the left wing crazies, can’t say they still do.

      • Exile1981

        Except that with Wynne in charge of ontario do you believe for a minute the OPP would be allowed to watch her financial base? Or is it more likely that what resources isn’t watching the the islamic nuts has been directed towards those who oppose wynne?

  • Jay Currie

    Another reason to stop filling and begin to start draining the he pool of Islamist suspects.