Peace Loving Muslims in Gaza threaten to bomb previously bombed French cultural centre over #CharlieHebdo

“Hey Frenchies, leave Gaza or we will slaughter you, “chanted” (peace loving muslims), before the French Cultural Centre in Gaza while waving the black flag of jihad…

A gathering of such magnitude and openly brandishing the banner of jihad is an exceptional fact, if not unique, since the accession of Hamas to power by force in 2007 in the Gaza Strip.

Protesters also exhibited portraits of the authors of recent bombings in Paris against the writing of “Charlie Hebdo” and a kosher deli.

…The center is currently closed. It was targeted by arson and bombing in October and December. Its surrounding wall was recently covered in slogans promising “hell” for French journalists.”

NB – Google/BCF translate

Update: Video of ISIS anti-Charlie Hebdo demo in Gaza