Peace Loving Muslims in Gaza threaten to bomb previously bombed French cultural centre over #CharlieHebdo

“Hey Frenchies, leave Gaza or we will slaughter you, “chanted” (peace loving muslims), before the French Cultural Centre in Gaza while waving the black flag of jihad…

A gathering of such magnitude and openly brandishing the banner of jihad is an exceptional fact, if not unique, since the accession of Hamas to power by force in 2007 in the Gaza Strip.

Protesters also exhibited portraits of the authors of recent bombings in Paris against the writing of “Charlie Hebdo” and a kosher deli.

…The center is currently closed. It was targeted by arson and bombing in October and December. Its surrounding wall was recently covered in slogans promising “hell” for French journalists.”

NB – Google/BCF translate

Update: Video of ISIS anti-Charlie Hebdo demo in Gaza

  • Gary

    For a moment I thought that was Calgary , or YORK U in Toronto.
    I really hope the Eastern Nations are sick of Multiculturalism and that the worker people see how the wealthy Liberal Leftists enjoy their Wealthy White Well-police neighbourhoods ( http://WWW.Imrich.calm) away from the Car-B-Q’s and muslim rape-gangs or the riots while calling everyone else the Intolerant racism Islamophobe.
    The useful idiots here in Canada among the Rainbow and Feminists groups are waking up and smelling the burkas and nooses , even if Barbara Hall’s HRC keeps embracing the islamists that will slit her throat once her Best Before date expires and more Public schools have Mosques and every Workplace lunchroom is Halal compiant.
    Muslims were fine here for over 120 years until Sheema Khan started her CAIR-Canada in the 1990’s and then in the Post-9/11 ear she crusaded to demonize Canadians and islamophobes and racists via CAIR’s website and her Globe&Mail column plus the oodles of Air Time on the CBC .
    During CAIR’s crusades we have had young Muslims incited to Terrorsim as we saw with the Toronto-18 wanting to slaughter 10’000+ people in Toronto via truck bombs because we were in Afghanistan because of the 9/11 muslim terrorists that killed 24 canadians. We should erect a Monument to the dead in Paris from those knuckle dragging 7th Century islamists as the canary in the Coal Mine saving our lives in the future once the NDP and LIberal get more oxygen to their brains and put down the Muslim Brotherhood Kool-Ade and join the people that love Canada and our freedoms to NOT bow to a Meteorite to pray 5 times a day.
    Toronto City Hall has one for the China deaths in that famous protest against the tanks by student , so why not one to show the evil of the islamists because the Chinese in canada embraced this and knew they couldn’t built one back home.

    There is still hope to avert the terrorism slaughters in Canada by the Religion of Peace and it’s sect of those with a mental illness doing Jihad.

    • Education by murder works, slowly but surely Canadians are waking up to the fact that Muslim immigration to Canada was a horrid mistake perpetrated by our political class on an unsuspecting populace. Multiculturalism is just another lie used to suppress dissent.

      • WalterBannon

        are they really waking up????

  • Observer

    The french government must be so happy they unilaterally support the Fakestanians against Israel.