Pamela Geller: temporary site is up

Anti-free speech thugs are at it again. My website, Atlas Shrugs (, was taken down by a massive DDoS attack last Thursday, and as of this writing on Sunday afternoon, the attack is still metastasizing. This attack is unprecedented in its size and scope. Jihadis and their leftist errand boys are so desperate to silence me and my message that they have devoted tremendous resources to taking down my site, which is devoted to honest news reporting about jihad activity.

…My site host, Media Temple, said they couldn’t cope with the attack against my site. They had never in their history seen anything like it.

  • Werewolf

    All they are doing is drawing people’s attention toward Pamela Geller. More and more websites pick this story up daily.

  • The_Infidel_01

    MIss Pam’s temp site does not work either. They might have attacked it also.
    PAM, IF YOUR READING THIS, WE LOVE YOU AND SUPPORT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Xavier

    The link in the article is incorrect. Here’s her temp site:

    • Exile1981

      Thats her old site, did she move back there?

      • Xavier

        Temporarily. I just dropped back in here to say is now redirecting to the temp site, so either link will work.

  • Xavier

    Digital Hadith & Sharia.

  • ed

    main site still down in the uk , temp site ok , twitter ok , whose next , BCF, BNI , jihad watch . me, you ?

    • Solo712

      Whatever it takes ! Truth must be stopped !

  • The Attack was so severe I had to take the blog off the RSS feed on the sidebar. It was slowing this site down.

    • Exile1981

      So what was it thousands of posts to her site or some other tactic?

      • Xavier

        DDoS. I’ve been looking for a visualization service but can’t find anything site specific.

  • Exile1981

    I have to ask again – Why do we allow countries like Iran, North Korea and ISIS access to the internet. If they had no access to the internet it would make it a bid harder for intel sources to spy on them but it would make it a lot harder for them to coordinate attacks using digital communications and it would stop cyber attacks.

    • Xavier

      I have a strong feeling the U.S., possibly in conjunction with Canada, is going to eventually establish a national or North American firewall. Then, everything that goes in or out will be monitored and recorded, and entire countries can be blacklisted in seconds. That would effectively cut us off from North Korea et. al. but also brings up serious privacy concerns. Not that they would stop the government from doing it ‘for our protection’.

      • Exile1981

        As far as privacy goes it would just be easier to cut the access for the problem nations that do this crap, rather than create a new gov’t agency to monitor us.

  • Morticiaa

    Nothing will keep down this modern day hero of free speech and leader in awareness of the greatest enemy of free democracies of this next century, the scourge of Islam and the ludicrous pretence and blind fear of hope in a moderate Islam…

  • DMB

    I would love to see Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s web sites merge into one making it one bigger and better web site with lower overhead costs and a potentially stronger internet security protocols.