Liam Neeson is Just The Latest Example of Why You Should Never Give Money to The Hollywood Entertainment Complex


“Yes I can say anything I want to the foreign press, because those stupid Americans will never know. Did I tell you how horrible I think they are?”

If you absolutely must see anything from Hollywood, then ‘file sharing’ really is the only ethical answer!

Liam Neeson has been such a jackass of late, that the very company that had supplied his weapons for his last movie, has just called for a boycott of the very same movie (by the general public), and for all future firearms suppliers to honor a boycott (in supplying weapons) to all of his future films.

This isn’t the first time he has said something moronic (recently), but it will hopefully be the last time he says anything stupid that becomes of note, because his career will be as dead as his brain.

Liam does the stupid dance  for the Christian Science Monitor, which is still not quite as bad as his trashing (his newly adopted country) The United States, while giving interviews in the Middle East.