Journal de Montreal Mosque Expose

Note there are 4 articles in this series, all will be posted here.

Article 1 – Mosques and schools in the hands of Islamists

This article is a nice catologue of the Quebec real estate holdings of the Muslim Association of Canada, MAC for short. Yup they operate a lot of schools, yup our tax dollars are weaseled to them and yes they are a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated organization. However the MAC is accepted by our political class and security services to such a degree that Canada is probably on Sisi’s hit list.

Sadly I am not kidding. There is nothing in this article that hasn’t been reported before whether here or elsewhere. It’s disgusting and you can rest assured nothing will change.

Below is a pdf version, Google translated of “Mosques and schools in the hands of Islamists”

Mosques and schools in the hands of Islamists

Article 2 – The Islamists deny everything, even evidence

In this stunning expose Journal de Montreal discovers the Muslims of MAC lie like fish swim.

Go figure.

Below is a Google translate version of The Islamists deny everything, even evidence

The Islamists deny everything, even evidence

Article 3 – Fundamentalist propaganda in Montreal

“At the Mosque of Montreal, our Bureau of Investigation has found propaganda advocating sharia, Palestinian terrorism, and suicide bombings. The booklet, entitled Controversial Questions about Islam and Comments, made nearly a hundred pages. The Journal was found in a display at the entrance of the mosque, including that of children attending the school.”

Below is a pdf version of the article “Fundamentalist propaganda in Montreal” translated to English kinda sorta by Google Translate. The article is not much of an expose. The powers that be will not bat an eye about the contents of the book as Muslim beliefs, including the sanction of terrorism, are now accepted as part of the mosaic of diversity by our political class. They will continue to whore after Muslim votes and continue to allow mass immigration from Muslim nations while pretending to fight Muslim radicalization.

I wish I was kidding but I’m not. Trust me, I’ve been uncovering this crap for years, nothing changes. Welcome to Canada.

The fundamentalist propaganda in Montreal

Here’s the book related to the article above, h/t Xavier



You bet they do. So much so that Yves Bolduc wonders if anyone has thought of the children. That’s commendable coming from the Minister of Education wouldn’t you agree?

They’re gonna act fast and make sure this doesn’t adversely effect relations with the Muslim community by seeing to it that the whole thing is forgotten ASAP.

Below is a Google translate version of “Very Seriously”


Well that’s it.

  • Xavier
    • Thanks! Posted it, will have to go through and see what’s up.

      • winniec

        I looked through this book and found many SUPREMACIST, MISOGYNISTIC and OBSCURANTIST ideas that shut down disagreement and questioning:

        -p13. A Muslim … has no choice to pick and choose what he likes
        of the commandments of Allah and neglect what he does not like
        -p13. Complete submission to the authentic texts…is also not subject to question at all.
        -p41. prohibits kafirs from exposing Muslims to other religions
        -p42. justifies religious persecution in Saudi Arabia
        -p47. opposees a secular state
        -p50. justifies slavery
        -p52. Islam is a political system
        -p52. mullahs decide legality
        -p53. mullahs choose political candidates
        -p55. Islam discriminates on the basis of belief-dhimmis are second class
        -p57. religious dialogue does not mean Islam may be questioned
        -p59. UN human rights interfere with ‘freedom’ of Islam to deny freedom
        -p63. women are inferior because they menstruate
        -p65. women may not lead a country
        -p66. women have half the rights
        -p69. women must have a guardian
        -p72. polygamy is a Divine gift to women
        -p73. women can’t drive because they have to wear a hijab
        -p74. women give up their Islamic privileges by not veiling
        -p76. jihad is not terrorism
        -p78. defensive terrorism is ok
        -p83. the UN charter gives Islamic majorities the right to crush minorities
        -p85. cruel punishments are divine
        -p92. apostates should be executed because Islam is a political empire above all nations
        -p93. Islam is more than a religion.It is a legal system superior to national systems.
        -p93. jihad means to resist (therefore Muslims resist aggression of logic and reason)
        -p93. Muslims should share the Islamic way of success in this life (failed, dysfunctional societies, poverty, misogyny, repression of non-Muslims, etc.)
        -p94. What could be extreme to one person might be lenient to another. (Conclusion: nothing in Islam is ‘extreme’)

        • Thanks winniec that’s a great reference for us.

          Although it does look like Justin’s platform.

        • Linda1000

          Obviously, these imams and clerics must come from real backward environments. Here is a list of highly successful muslim women in the ME. They are wealthy business women, engineers, doctors, airline pilots, gov’t ministers, activists in various ME countries. Women of the muslim world are more successful in school than men generally because it’s an outlet of freedom for them to get out of the house or to study in a foreign country so they apply themselves more diligently. I think this is why some experts say that education for women is key to changing the muslim world and Islam.

          Not to mention that there are or have been some muslim female political leaders of various countries:
          Sheikh Hasina Wazed – President or PM – Bangladesh
          Sheikha Mousa Al – Thani – Qatar
          Atife Jahjaga, President – Kosovo
          Benazir Bhuttu -Pakistan

          Sheikh Haina Wazed

      • JoKeR

        I really think you need to take this down.

        With Ben Levin out of the picture, do you really want to give Kathleen Wynne any ideas for her new cirriculum?

        • David Murrell


        • focstay

          I can’t find any news on Levin? Was he sentenced?

          • Stronger Than Dirt

            Perhaps as the ‘new’ ECE pay raise coordinator ?

  • minuteman

    Any even the least bit surprised? I’m not.
    What will be surprising is if anyone does anything about it.

    • There is a lot more coming through, evidently the report involves a number of mosques in several cities.

      • Linda1000

        About time the mosques in Canada are exposed. Montreal Journal was one of the very few papers in Canada to print some of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons also.

  • Exile1981

    I would be surprised if they hadn’t found this sort of information.

    • Problem is they didn’t find anything earth shattering. The Muslim sanction of terrorism is considered part of our nation’s fabric by Ottawa.

      • BillyHW

        You don’t think this diversity has strengthened us?

      • Exile1981

        Start checking the basements of the mosques and I suspect you’ll find a fair amount of arms and explosives stockpiled as well.

  • winniec

    All sermons should be submitted to CSIS in advance and government observers should attend every mosque event.

    • Canadian

      All mosques should be closed.

      • All our politicians should be Gulag bound.

        • Xavier

          The only hope we have is something like Pegida, and we are going to have to stand against the government, the liberal dhimmis, and domestic Moslems at the same time.

  • JoKeR

    Bow before the imam’s

    I wouldn’t even buy a used bicycle off of them!

    • David Murrell

      Good pic. Who is this fellow? Is he an advisor to Justin Trudeau? And editorial board member of the Toronto Star?

  • Martin B

    These are my favourite parts. On polygamy:

    “It is obvious that there are more women than men in the world. It means that if we have only one wife per man, many women do not have the chance to get married”

    So that’s what polygamy is all about – compassion for the poor would-be spinsters! You’d think it would be obvious that if one Muslim has four wives, three other Muslims have to rape goats, but no, not to Muslims.

    On women’s rights:

    “The wife must obey her husband in what is right, especially when he wants it”

    What he wants is right. That’s women’s rights in Islam, in a nutshell.

    • Xavier

      Download a copy before they pull it.

      If I have time tomorrow I’ll rip the entire site.

      • We have an Imam in Toronto that says marring 9 year olds is ok, his organization is courted by politicians. Oh he also says it’s its ok to kill homosexuals and apostates.

        One Mosque advocated for death to Ahmidiyya, no problem for the politicians who meet with them.

        The list goes on and on.

    • Exile1981

      Your missing the point of that comment. The one muslim has 4 wives and the other three have the goat but later agree to play explody more readily so they can go off and get there 72 virgins.

      A nlarge population of men with no chances of consentual sex with a human female gives them that same large group who are willing to do anything for a sex.

    • winniec

      The idea of polygamy is to increase the population quickly and allow alpha male rulers more jollies. By enslaving kafir women for harems, fewer can reproduce kafir populations. It’s about supremacism, not compassion. BS.

  • cmh

    so i am going to be a wee bit cheeky here and say this looks a lot better than the regular pedophiliac, homosexual ontario school curriculum

  • BillyHW
  • Everyone Else


    CTV has an article on this, which is more or less factual until the last two words:

    “Montreal Muslim Council president Salam Elmenyawi said he’s now reviewing the book, explaining that it may have started as an attempt to explain Islam – but has once again embarrassed members of the peaceful faith.”

    The quote marks are mine, not CTV’s. Yes that means that the CTV article is officially describing Islam as “the peaceful faith”.

  • David Murrell

    Fur, thanks for posting the four articles. The Journal de Montreal is a mainstream newspaper, and goes to show what a real newspaper can do, using solid investigative journalism, if the newspaper is up to it. Sadly, our English-speaking media are not up to this standard. The owners and senior editors kow-tow-to Muslim extremism.

    • jayme

      Does anyone know how many muslims live in the Montreal area?

      • David Murrell

        The most recent available Census (from Statistics Canada) would have this information. They gather population data by urban area and by characteristics. If you e-mail me (David Murrell) at I can get our librarian to find out. Or, you can get your local librarian to find out for you. Cheers.

      • CoolTolerance

        Too many on Montreal Island. They’re concentrating in certain boroughs, however it seems they’re spreading out also. I’d say more than 7% on Montreal Island.

  • focstay

    Is this the mosque Trudeau visited?

    • Hmm will have to check.

    • Jan Morrissy

      He visited Al-Sunnah Al-Nabawiah mosque which is a wahabbist/Saudi style a.k.a. the worst kind.
      This man cannot ever be allowed any power. (ugh)

  • Jan Morrissy

    This is an amazing article on this ‘taboo’ subject. Thank you for all of your postings, while I’m at it.
    The MSM is a woeful conduit for spreading the word on Islam and the accelerating creeping sharia that is everywhere.
    It’s as if they can’t SEE the forest for the trees (tired analogy, I know, however ‘the shoe fits’ (oops another overused yet fitting homily)

    well, on to another day, searching for the elusive elephant (the one in the room that no one sees)

  • CoolTolerance

    The twit minister of Education, Bolduc, has already started to back down re Islamic schools. The newspaper Le Devoir has an article on this. Dolbuc says ‘we must act with caution regarding the Islamic schools’…

  • yanideza

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