Journal de Montreal Mosque Expose

Note there are 4 articles in this series, all will be posted here.

Article 1 – Mosques and schools in the hands of Islamists

This article is a nice catologue of the Quebec real estate holdings of the Muslim Association of Canada, MAC for short. Yup they operate a lot of schools, yup our tax dollars are weaseled to them and yes they are a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated organization. However the MAC is accepted by our political class and security services to such a degree that Canada is probably on Sisi’s hit list.

Sadly I am not kidding. There is nothing in this article that hasn’t been reported before whether here or elsewhere. It’s disgusting and you can rest assured nothing will change.

Below is a pdf version, Google translated of “Mosques and schools in the hands of Islamists”

Mosques and schools in the hands of Islamists

Article 2 – The Islamists deny everything, even evidence

In this stunning expose Journal de Montreal discovers the Muslims of MAC lie like fish swim.

Go figure.

Below is a Google translate version of The Islamists deny everything, even evidence

The Islamists deny everything, even evidence

Article 3 – Fundamentalist propaganda in Montreal

“At the Mosque of Montreal, our Bureau of Investigation has found propaganda advocating sharia, Palestinian terrorism, and suicide bombings. The booklet, entitled Controversial Questions about Islam and Comments, made nearly a hundred pages. The Journal was found in a display at the entrance of the mosque, including that of children attending the school.”

Below is a pdf version of the article “Fundamentalist propaganda in Montreal” translated to English kinda sorta by Google Translate. The article is not much of an expose. The powers that be will not bat an eye about the contents of the book as Muslim beliefs, including the sanction of terrorism, are now accepted as part of the mosaic of diversity by our political class. They will continue to whore after Muslim votes and continue to allow mass immigration from Muslim nations while pretending to fight Muslim radicalization.

I wish I was kidding but I’m not. Trust me, I’ve been uncovering this crap for years, nothing changes. Welcome to Canada.

The fundamentalist propaganda in Montreal

Here’s the book related to the article above, h/t Xavier



You bet they do. So much so that Yves Bolduc wonders if anyone has thought of the children. That’s commendable coming from the Minister of Education wouldn’t you agree?

They’re gonna act fast and make sure this doesn’t adversely effect relations with the Muslim community by seeing to it that the whole thing is forgotten ASAP.

Below is a Google translate version of “Very Seriously”


Well that’s it.