In defense of Europe’s so-called far right

“…Granted, some European parties actually have a fascistic quality, in particular Golden Dawn in Greece and Jobbik in Hungary. But the others being maligned are in fact populist and insurgent, often with leftist economic programs, especially concerning the welfare state. They are creatively centrist, forming a novel combination that draws on right and left in both their policies and their supporters. They represent the healthy, normal, legitimate, and constructive response of a people under stress. Moreover, they address what’s on many minds.

For example, in the case of the latest atrocities, Le Pen was, as usual, the only French leader boldly to come out and identify their cause: “We are fighting an ideology, that of Islamist fundamentalism.” In contrast, President François Hollande blatantly lied: “Those who committed these acts, these fanatics, have nothing to do with the Muslim faith.”

Try as they might the effort to smear  these new parties by the MSM and political class is failing miserably.