Haroon at Al Starzeera: Curb Islamophobia to battle jihadism

The leaders of France and Germany seem to understand, at last, that blaming all Muslims and Islam is the worst way to tackle terrorism by some Muslims.

François Hollande and Angela Merkel have also conceded two other essential points: the civil rights and safety of their Muslim minorities are as essential as those of other citizens; and that fighting Islamophobia is as important as battling anti-Semitism or any other bigotry…

…Merkel told the Bundestag that Germany’s 4 million Muslims are an integral part of society. “Our former president Christian Wulff said (in 2010) that Islam belongs to Germany. This is the case and I too hold the same view.

“We will not allow ourselves to be divided by those who, in the face of Islamist terror, place Muslims in Germany under general suspicion.”

(What’s “Islamist terror”? Was the IRA’s “Catholic terror”? But let that pass, for now)…

Siddiqui I hear an echo: it might well be Turkish President Erdogan speaking. Siddiqui sounds exactly the same. Maybe that is where he gets his talking points from — or more likely, they are just of the same mentality. Can the newspaper not afford anyone better than this? What a load of Islamic supremicist BS.

  • winniec

    Translation of Al Star-sleezeera:
    “If Canadians do not see any jihad, speak any jihad or hear any jihad, there won’t be any jihad. The ostrich cannot see danger, so danger ceases to exist.”

  • eMan14

    Who says the Star doesn’t have the funny pages.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Haroon is a day late.

    Monday is not one of his usual days for a column.

    But, that’s not to say that the Sunday Star didn’t have a column, written by a whiny Mohommedan, about Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

    They brought in a ringer from the organization formally known as CAIR-Canada…..

    ‘Abbas Kassam is on the Human Rights Committee at the National Council of Canadian Muslims.’


    The Star has been printing an opinion column, or an editorial, or whatever else, in support of measures to curb freedom of speech and expression, almost daily since the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo.

    Rosie Dimanno being the only sane person left at the Star.
    How scary a thought is that?……..