Guardian: Germany’s anti-Islamic movement Pegida is a vampire we must slay

No, no, surely not. On top of everything else, not that. Three days before a young Eritrean was murdered in Dresden, a swastika was daubed on the door of his flat. On the evening he was stabbed to death, last Monday, the xenophobic movement already known around the world as Pegida had held its largest demonstration so far in that lovely city on the River Elbe. And it’s not just Germany. As a foiled Islamist terrorist plot in Belgium follows hard on the heels of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, politicians on the xenophobic, anti-immigration far right are looking to pick up votes across Europe. There is a real and present danger of a downward spiral in which radicalised minorities, Muslim and anti-Muslim, will drag anxious majorities, non-Muslim and Muslim, in the wrong direction. Only a conscious, everyday effort by each one of us will prevent it.

The Dresden case is fortunately, thus far, not typical of Germany as a whole. Dresden sits at the scenic heart of a quite unusual corner of the former East Germany. Unlike most big west German cities, it has a low level of immigration, and little experience of living with cultural difference. In communist times, this corner was known as the “valley of the clueless”, because its inhabitants could not receive West German television broadcasts. Reports suggest that, so far, most of the participants in the Pegida demos have been middle-aged, and therefore shaped by a sheltered life in the old East Germany…

…How do we stop the vicious downward spiral? Traditionally, European parties of the centre-right such as the CDU and the Conservatives have tacked to the right to win back such voters…

…While never compromising on the essentials of an open society, including free speech, we non-Muslim Europeans must keep sending these small signals to our Muslim fellow Europeans, both online and in our everyday personal interactions. The best signal of all is the one that indicates no explicit signal is necessary. This is what happens most of the time in a city like London: you just take it as given that Muslim British people are as much Brits as anyone else – that in truth there is no “they”, just a larger, gloriously mixed and muddled “us”. That is how we will win the plebiscite every day. And that is how we will see off a vampire called Pegida.

By useful idiot Timothy Garton Ash, who sneered at Ayaan Hirsi Ali: “Timothy Garton Ash chivalrically tells us that if Hirsi Ali ‘had been short, squat and squinting, her story and her views might not have been so closely attended to’.”

  • Jay Currie

    Pegita terrifies the luvies.

    Imagine if ordinary people rejected the immigration/multikulti wisdom of their betters. Imagine if a huge majority of Euros said, “Enough”. Now what do you do?

    The luvies are terrified because, in the hidden places in their hearts, they actually know that the great experiment of mass Muslim immigration has not worked out very well. They know that for every successfully integrated guy like Ali down the hall, there are dozens of resentful, bitter, Mohammeds ready to go jihadi with a little push. And they know that to admit that is to destroy the kumbaya dream which is part of their lily white fantasy.

    Which means hard choices and those are, well, hard. Equality for women? Toast. Gay rights (or at least not being thrown off buildings)? Toast. Rule of law? Free speech? Freedom of religion? Toast, toast and more toast.

    It turns out that Islam is incompatible with Western liberal democracy. Who knew? Certainly not the luvies. So, Pegita must be destroyed.


    • Frau Katze

      The elites only meet a Westernized subset of Muslims, many not even religious at all, and they get along fine. They cannot admit that things are not the same further down the social ladder.

      • ellake

        Elites do not understand and do not want to understand.
        When one is telling them that the problem is Islam (or the rules of Islam) they are saying that the problem is
        2) culture
        3)the West
        4) Israel
        5) something else
        never Islam.

  • Dana Garcia

    Pegida is one of the few glimmers of hope in sickly Europe these days.

    • winniec

      We are only at the start of the counterjihad. We will get better and better organized. Those politicians who lied to us will go down in history as the most odious traitors.

  • winniec

    But HOW did the Germans know they were German before the Muslims arrived?

    • Minicapt

      JS Bach and Beethoven …