Germany: Aldi withdraws soap brand ‘insulting to Muslims’

The product was withdrawn from sale after complaints that its packaging was insulting to Muslims

With Europe facing terror alerts and Germany in the grip of anti-Islam protests, the supermarket chain Aldi has found itself in the middle of controversy over liquid soap bottles that depicted a mosque.

The German discount chain Aldi Süd has withdrawn its own-brand Ombia 1,001 Nights liquid soap from sale after complaints that its packaging was insulting to Muslims – only to face new complaints from non-Muslim customers demanding it be reinstated.

The packaging, which Aldi said was intended to evoke the exotic Orient, depicted a Turkish-style mosque with dome and minarets, together with a lantern and a set of prayer beads.

The row began when Muslim customers posted complaints about the design on Aldi’s Facebook page.

“I was somewhat shocked that a mosque that was depicted,” Ali Girdapoglu wrote. “With its dome and minarets, the mosque is a sight that means dignity and respect for them for Muslim people.”

Others complained that it was inappropriate for a mosque to appear in a bathroom setting, and there was a heated discussion on Aldi’s Facebook page…

  • Oh for cripes sake.

    • Yeah, for cripes sake! But on the other hand, I wouldn’t buy something that has a mosque on it…..

    • Just a thought

      lol – what WON’T they complain about!

  • simus1

    Christopher Hitchens:
    “islamophobia is a word created by fascists, and used by cowards,
    to manipulate morons.”

  • Minicapt

    “Hagia Sofia”, anyone?


  • Drunk_by_Noon

    There ya go!
    Muslims HATE soap!

    • Surele Surele

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    • tom_billesley

      But they’ll tell you they invented it.

    • rob

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  • mobuyus

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  • Hard Little Machine

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  • Yessir baconFat

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  • Just a thought

    don’t anyone tell them the bidet isn’t a drinking water fountain – (snicker).

    • Xavier

      It’s not? Uh oh.

      • eMan14


  • winniec

    Ah, yes, the 1001 Nights, that exotic collection of tales from Sassanid Persia. The elegant, magical entertainment of the Persian court! We can’t have that in Islam…it isn’t even Arabian! The Muztards feel they must destroy JAHILIYYA (everything pre-Islamic). Islam destroys everything that is not Islam. They are endlessly touchy because the Leftards are afraid of them and are craven cowards ready to live on their knees.

    • eMan14

      How soon before Disney’s Aladdin is removed from circulation?

  • TotallyPeeved

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  • Suzanne

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    • eMan14

      Definitely a contradiction.

  • Tony

    WTF? First all the main supermarkets in Australia imposed the stealth Islamic con job religious tax “Halal Certification” and now Aldi gives in to this piece of crap.
    For frucks sake there are more people out there than just the Muslims guys, how about you start listening to us for a change!

  • mark

    If it were a church?

    • eMan14

      I don’t know if they would complain about that, but you can be our politically correct wusses would find a way to back out.

  • Canadian

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  • rob

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