France: Play on stoning cancelled lest it offend peace loving ultra-violent Muslims #WhereIsCharlie?

“Following the recent events, we must show decency and not to risk excited madmen with an extremely visually speaking. The poster can be seen as a provocation, ” said Claude Telliez, Black Eagle Productions ….

Still, the discontent is palpable among the actors, but not only. “People in the street are afraid. Everyone proclaims loudly “I’m Charlie,” but when to act, there is no one says the actress of Bourg-en-Lavaux Nathalie Pfeiffer, from Paris where she was quartered.

Where is Charlie? Charlie took a bullet in the head courtesy the Religion of Peace.

The Je Suis Charlie March by the alleged leaders of the free world was an obscene pantomime.

Je Suis Charlie march an obscene pantomime

Je Suis Charlie march an obscene pantomime