Fear of Islam not a major motivation for German ‘Islamisation’ protesters, study finds

Fear of Islam and concern over the “Islamisation” of Europe is not a major motivation for those taking part in a series of protests that have gripped Germany in recent weeks, an academic study has found…

…But the first academic study of the movement found that, despite the name, fewer than a quarter of protesters questioned cited concerns over Muslims or Islam as a reason for taking part.

Instead, the chief reasons given were dissatisfaction with politics, unhappiness with the media and public opinion, and general concerns over immigration and asylum-seekers.

The study, by Dresden Technical University, found that the typical protesters is white, male, 48 years old and middle-class, with an above average income…

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I am not sure how he reaches this optimistic conclusion.  The questions are vaguely worded.

Dissatisfaction with all immigration  in general (15%) is scarcely better news.

“Politics” (54%) as reason tells me nothing.

Notice, though, the 20% who are sick and tired of being lectured to by the media.