Eurocrat Mogherini: ‘Dialogue’ with Islam necessary – but what if they don’t want to talk?

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini gives a press briefing prior to a European foreign affairs council in Brussels

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said Monday that “terrorism is not a problem between the West and Islam: we need an alliance with our partners and dialogue,” before taking part in a Council of foreign ministers on the fundamentalist challenge following the attacks in Paris.

The meeting of European diplomacy chiefs takes place amid tight security with Belgian armed forces around European institution buildings for the first time.

Meanwhile, secret services and investigators are hard at work to neutralize the threat represented by dormant terror cells, mainly of foreign fighters – EU passport holders who fought in Syria under ISIS and have now returned home…

This is the standard meaningless statements that these hopeless “leaders” put forth. Does she really think that terrorists are interested in dialogue? No, she thinks “moderate Muslims” can be persuaded to take action.

Why would they? Saudi Arabia has been putting out its poisonous Wahhabism for decades. From reading about it, I get the impression that some of the Saudi royals are afraid of the Islamists themselves. So letting them carry on with their worldwide ranting protects them.  

In 1979 some homegrown Saudi loons took over the Grand Mosque in Mecca.  The leader thought he was the Mahdi.  The Saudis were forced to ask the French to help them dislodge them.  After that event, the country became even more conservative as the royals gave the fanatics more freedom. 

Or take Turkey, their supposed ally in NATO. All that President Erdogan and his PM Davutoglu want to talk about is “Islamophobia” and evil European “xenophobes”. Their arrogance is boundless. They will do zero to help.

These European “leaders” are pathetic — sign of the decline and fall of Europe itself. They don’t seem to even know as much your humble blogger does about the Islamic world.

  • Jay Currie

    It is difficult to “dialogue” as the knife severs your vocal cords.

    The political classes are going all in on the “nothing to do with Islam” story. They are wrong but it will take a few more Paris level atrocities before their people utterly repudiate them. And then, watch out. Civil war is never pretty.

    • winniec

      Muslims don’t want to listen to kufr from kafirs.

  • eMan14

    I couldn’t care if they don’t want to talk. Clean up their act first. Then maybe I’ll listen. But in the meantime, I would stop all Islamic immigration into this and any other non Muslim country. Enough is enough.

  • b_marco

    Ah well, nothing some awareness raising, consensus building unity marches can’t solve.

    • winniec

      And don’t buy their oil.

      • b_marco

        I dunno winnie. I kinda like seeing gasoline well below a buck a litre.. and kinda like joe sickpack being able to afford to run a v6, and the lowered costs of transport that lowers staple price levels, and a bunch of other stuff I can’t recall ATM that stems from cheap abundant energy.

        • Xavier

          I just talked to a bunch of friends in the gas and oil industry here in the States tonight. They’re scared. Everything is shutting down. Our local bank is reducing hours because the big gas companies are pulling out. Layoffs and cutbacks are coming. It looks bad here.

          • Frau Katze

            It’s worse in Canada. Our dollar falls as the price of oil does. Things are looking very bad in the oil patch, Alberta.

            It should theoretically have a beneficial effect on the rest of the economy, but that may take a while to show itself. Meanwhile, if you’re in oil country, in Canada or the US, it’s going to be bad.

          • b_marco

            My bro-in-law just got hired on welding pipeline. I have family in oil patch country and, while things could be better, it’s far from panicsville.

          • Jay Currie

            Actually I suspect it will be fine. Yup, the boom is over but there are plays which make money at 40.

            More to the point, Canada needs to diversify. Oil is great, so is gas; but they are just extractive commodities. We need to be making things that the rest of the world will pay for.

            The US will be better off with cheap oil even if the hoovers of North Danone have to cut their rates. Consumers will have a bit more money to spend on non-energy goods and services. Money is not going to be sent to Saudi and the other crappy oil States. Yes, Calvary and Dollar will be hit hard but that is the nature of boom towns… They have busts.

            Poor Steve may actually have to cut government spending… And this would be bad because…

  • winniec

    Federica Mogherini needs a crash course in the Islamic doctrine of ‘temporary truce’. Quarantine is the only lasting solution.

    • Frau Katze

      The EU leaders are like shapeless blobs, uttering inanities.

  • Xavier

    1. Islam has the goal of overthrowing Western culture.
    2. Radical Moslems kill not-so-radical Moslems every day.

    When radical Islamists attempt #1, who do you think your “Moderate Moslems” are going to side with, considering #2?

  • How do you have a dialogue with these people?

    I would really like to know.

    Does the dialogue include making tons of concessions that are unreasonable?

    Does dialogue mean there will be no more sectarian violence?

    The time for dialogue (if ever these was one) is long gone.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Islamic Autonomous Regions. I predict Belgium will create several, by law, this year. Not merely no-go zones but de jure Islamic states within Belgium.