David Cameron: Muslim Council ‘has a problem’ over extremism – not Eric Pickles

The Sharia Council of Britain preside over marital cases at their east London headquarters. Source.

David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has said that one of the country’s main Muslim groups “has a problem” after it accused ministers of behaving like the “Far Right”.

The Muslim Council of Britain – an umbrella body for 500 mosques, schools and associations in Britain – spoke out after Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, wrote to 1,100 Imams and Muslim leaders saying they must do more to root out “men of hate” who preach extremism in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.

However the Prime Minister intervened, saying that the council’s response showed that it – not Mr Pickles – had “a problem”.

Speaking at lawn mower factory in Ipswich, Mr Cameron said: “It’s absolutely right to write this letter, to say we all have a responsibility to fight extremism. Anyone who reads this letter will see that what he is saying is that British Muslims make a great contribution to our country.

“What is happening in terms of extremist terror has nothing to do with true Islam. Anyone frankly reading this letter who has a problem with it I think really has a problem…”

Nothing to do with Islam!  It seems the Muslim Council of Britain begs to differ.

They are far down the road to Islamization: Sharia Councils (civil law cases only and supposedly voluntary) operate all over the country.   Check out the photo.  Could be Pakistan easily.

Now suddenly there is pushback, and they are not happy.

  • Jay Currie

    It was a pretty smarmy letter. The proper form would have been, “First and final warning. Any evidence of Islamic extremism in your mosque and the doors are locked and the property sold at auction.”

    • winniec

      Correct. But privately, they should instruct all mullahs to submit their sermons in advance to the censor and have a government observer at every mosque event. They are traitors.

  • pdxnag

    But the men of hate are representative of Islam, particularly with regard to their Koran-mandated hate for the kafir. Eric Pickles must be asking them to become apostates, which is asking a lot because they think apostates must be killed for Allah.

    Britain is in quite a pickle, having let in an army of inherently antagonistic Muslims.

    • winniec

      inherently treacherous, disloyal Muslims

  • simus1

    Wonder what equivalent Urdu phrase would be in common “British” use for “vote whoring idiot”?
    Then again, dimwitted pols trying to ape slithery imams with their convoluted “terrorists aren’t muslim terrorists” memes because, because, because (place illogical nostrums here) are really out to lunch.

    • winniec

      Wonder what equivalent Urdu phrase would be used for “vote whoring idiot”?
      – “dirty kafirs”

  • winniec

    No, Mr. Cameron, you do not tell the mullahs what to do. THEY tell YOU what to do. They have just told you what to do and it is anatomically impossible.

  • Tony

    “The country’s main Muslim groups has a problem” Sorry to tell you Dave The country’s main Muslim group is the problem!

  • bob e

    good post frau. they’re askin’ the gestapo to ‘ease up a little’ .. jesus

  • Barrington Minge

    Is this picture suggesting these people can read? Surely not!!

  • tom_billesley

    “Speaking at lawn mower factory …”
    I’d rather he were holding a scythe, and speaking words to go with that image, but that wouldn’t be Cameronesque would it?