Cherson & Molschky: ISIS: What It Is and What It Wants

An image released by ISIS said to show a victory parade in Derna, Libya

The dangers of ISIS: identifying the enemy, what it is, what it wants and why it is different from other terror groups

In 2015, ISIS will remain one of the “hottest” topics and news makers of the world media. Most probably, in the coming year we shall see reports about its activities not only in Syria and/or Iran- but also in other Middle Eastern countries and even in Europe and the US.

ISIS is a serious enemy, and if we want to win a war against it, we must separate the sheep from the goats, or flies from the donuts, putting the facts about ISIS on one side- and the media sensations on the other.

To start with, in spite of tons of publications about ISIS, very few can be said for sure about it. Factual information about ISIS is a lot less complete than what we know about Al Qaeda, the Taliban or other terrorist organizations. What we know for sure is that ISIS is not a net structure like, for example, Al Qaeda. ISIS is a multifunctional hierarchical structure that mostly resembles the medieval religious orders, like Templars or Hospitallers, with clearly distinguishable hierarchical levels…

Meanwhile Europe is continuing its acceptance of millions of immigrants from Muslim countries: how many of them may be secret members of ISIS? Three percent? Five percent? It looks like a joke when their number is expressed in percentages; what can some miserable three percent do? But if I say that it means 15 or 20 thousand trained and armed men- will you go on laughing?…