Anti-blasphemy laws? Anti-hate speech laws? Some things to consider before you vote.

If everyone is a victim, then everyone is potentially a perp. A key basis of totalitarian government is that everyone is already guilty. I wouldn’t watch Vagina Monologue’s, but it troubles me that it was cancelled because someone might supposedly be alienated. Weren’t lots of people alienated by early leftist plays?

Hunter hopes people will come to their senses, but in an age of “hate speech,” trigger warnings, and microaggressions, what senses are they to come to anyway?

No one dare say what needs saying: Dating back to the time of Plato, people who cannot deal with other people’s challenging ideas should not be at a university anyway. Any more than a person who can’t stand the sight of blood should work in an emergency room.

  • winniec

    Elected people without an interest in the philosophy or the history of our governmental system do much harm without even knowing why. They are clueless. Cameron who studied economics and ‘politics’ has finally CLICKED IN to the idea that FREE SPEECH IS WORTH DEFENDING. However, the so-called Yale lawyer, Obama, is TOTALLY CLUELESS about free speech.
    The right to blaspheme is the right that Europeans have been fighting for since the Middle Ages. Why? Because what is blasphemous to one person may be sacred truth to another.
    The government and courts are not qualified to decide what is blasphemy unless there is an establishment of a religion. Then the theologians must argue over it and inform the politicians. This happens in every Islamic country. Muslims living in INFIDEL countries need to be told upon entry: THERE IS NO BLASPHEMY LAW HERE AND NO ESTABLISHED RELIGION HERE…if you don’t like that, turn around and go back to Berzerkistan.

    • The government does not give us our rights. We are born with them.

      • WalterBannon


        The government does not give us our rights. The government takes them away.

  • The purpose of speech control is thought control. And the purpose of thought control is people control. The pro-Islam forces are working their way step by step to totalitarian power over the rest of us. They (the Islamization party) know where they intend to go, and our leaders pretend they (our leaders) do not know but they well know.

  • Hard Little Machine

    While the media screams about the 2nd amendment, the US has already effectively done away with the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th and most of the 1st.

    I think we can agree that notions like ‘free speech’ are best quaint abstractions in the government’s eye. They’re already recording 100% of your speech to be used against you.