WTF? Daughter who plans on marrying her father talks about their taboo relationship

A young girl who is planning her upcoming wedding to her father is opening up about their taboo relationship.

The unnamed 18-year-old is revealing all the details of her two year relationship with her father in an interview with Science of Us, from how they fell in love and the first time they had sex to what their plans are for the future.

Speaking of their first time she said; ‘There’s a reason I lost my virginity to him – because I’d never felt comfortable with any other man.’

The woman, who hails from the Great Lakes region, reconnected with her father when she was 16, this after 12 years of estrangement.

Her parents got pregnant on Prom night, and she grew up with her mother, who the young girl claims is bipolar.

Her father reached out to her on Facebook when she was in high school, and after the two met up she went to go stay with him for a week…