Why political Islam is winning: Our ‘elites’ do not think our society is worth defending

This is how Charles Hill, diplomat in residence at Yale University and a former ambassador and adviser to presidents, put it in a recent article in the Politico blog: “Political Islam may well be incompatible with modernity, but what if it is precisely modernity that is failing in the world today, while political Islam is gaining?” Hill posed the question as a rejoinder to the statement by US Secretary of State John Kerry that “there is literally no place for their [Islamic State] barbarity in the modern world.” He goes on to argue that modernity is indeed losing, that, as Haaretz’s political caricaturist Amos Biderman put it, “The bad guys have already won.”

US President Barack Obama has described the carnage in France as “senseless attacks,” adding that “ultimately they will be forgotten by us.” He is wrong on both counts – they may be senseless to him and to us, but to the Islamists they make a lot of sense – and they certainly should not be forgotten by us if we want to prevent the Islamists from reaching their nefarious goals.

According to Hill, “Political Islam’s very purpose is not only to be incompatible with modernity, but also to oppose it, demolish it and replace it in every regard,” first in the Middle East and then in Europe and beyond…

We have lost the will to live. Or at least, a huge fraction of the population has — they are ready to submit to Islam.