Turkish Satire Mag Says No Pardon For #CharlieHebdo

Turkish magazine gives the answer Charlie Hebdo deserves

Turkish satirical magazine Cafcaf, the only publication in Turkey which places emphasis on Islamic values, has hit back to the Charlie Hebdo arrogance with a unique cover.

Cafcaf magazine has responded to Hebdo with an equally moving magazine cover in French – who have massacred human rights in the name of liberal, modern Europe – saying “Non, rien n’est pardonne” translated as “NO, nothing has been forgiven”.

“Arrogance has become a habit of the European culture, who have placed themselves above others in a position where they are free and unquestionable and in turn, have elicited a significant response from the entire world,” the magazine said in a statement.

  • Mohammed Suqzdiq

    “…Arrogance has become a habit of the European culture, who have placed
    themselves above others in a position where they are free and
    unquestionable and in turn, have elicited a significant response from
    the entire world,”..”

    Well then, the last thing we would ever want is for Turkey to sully itself by joining the EU and rubbing up against those barbaric Europeans with their ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘democracy’ and their ever-growing islamonausea..

    • I have had enough Turkey.

      • JoKeR

        Unfortunately last Thanksgiving Obama pardoned the Turkey.

  • JoKeR
  • Santos2

    I’m not sure, are we supposed to be upset by this statement here in the west? I for one don’t give a flying f… If any thing I might laugh at it, but really it’s too pathetic to even do that. And I’m certainly not moved to do any sort of violence over it – just the opposite. Maybe I’ll go out for ice cream instead.

    • It simply shows the Muslim mindset. Violence is central to the cult.

  • winniec

    Erdogan’s delusions of grandeur. Obviously, the magazine is doing what they’re told by the Islamofascist government of Erdogan.The writers probably wish they could write these jokes about Erdogan.

    But seriously, folks, Muslims are outnumbered in the world 5 to 1, so this sort of supremacism is like asking to get beat up. Erdogan will get beat up, perhaps by the Turks he has hurt so much.

    The cover of the journal isn’t humour, it’s political propaganda of the government.

    • b_marco

      … unfortunately not a delusion when referring to actual autocrats. But, ya know, seems like most Turks want an autocrat. So fuck em.

  • cmh

    I have always said we need to get out of islamic countries and tend to our own business.

    • Observer

      How about building about a 50 foot electrified fence around all these places and let them kill off each other rather than us?

      It just means we have to give up on getting oil and gas from the Middle East.

    • occupant 9

      …except that we’ve allowed in so many Muslims that we are now tied to those Islamic hellholes until we do a Queen Isabela and King Ferdinand on the Mohammadans among us.

      There is no good ending to a story that has Muslims at the centre.

      If we do nothing and they become a large minority, there will be trouble, history knows. If we act to repatriate Muslims to Muslims nations, there will be trouble which history also knows.

      Either way, our government has created a future where there will be trouble, right here, of the kind that there never needed to be; that’s the worst part: Anyone with half a brain would never have increased Muslim immigration after 911 and those same half-brained people are still in charge.

      • Europe is surrendering. Still it will be bloody.

        • Jay Currie

          The civil war of Europe commencing this year and running on to 2030 will be nasty before they are horrific… And then they will be done and the Muslim menace sent packing.

          The post colonial cringe will be over.

        • occupant 9

          Canada is on the same trajectory what with record immigration from Muslim nations! …and this … under that “hidden agenda” conservative PM Harper!

    • I think the Islamic world should be quarantined and immigration halted. We still have time, Europe not so much.

      • Observer

        I think those who don’t want to integrate are colonists and should be repatriated to the hellholes they came from.

      • occupant 9

        With Germany’s PEGIDA march cancelled due to Islamic death threats, it would appear their objections to the Islamification of Europe and Germany is about a decade or so late.

  • mauser 98

    re: Charlie

    “The Kouachi brothers and Amedy Coulibaly were not only well known by
    French authorities, French intelligence and the CIA. The Kouachis were
    tracked and monitored—guided—over the course of many years, arrested
    many times, yet were allowed to continue training and plotting with
    fellow Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Yemen, Syria”

    “They are also tied to the (conveniently dead) 9/11-connected Al-Qaeda
    mastermind/CIA military-intelligence asset Anwar Al-Awlaki.”


  • dukestreet

    Sorry, when I look around the world at Islamic countries, I see that European culture have not placed themselves above, they are above them.

  • Arrogance?

    Is this the same seventh century mindset that worships a war-mongering pedophile?

  • Hard Little Machine

    99% of all Muslim atrocities and genocides in the world are by other Muslims. If the downside to that is that they hate me personally and whine about it, that’s a price I’m willing to pay. Carry on!