Isis using UK female jihadis to incite terror acts back home, say researchers

A hardcore of British women who have travelled to Syria to join Islamic State (Isis) are encouraging other women in the UK to carry out terrorist attacks back home, the Observer has learned.

The role of British female jihadists in inciting terrorism in the UK has been uncovered by the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR) at King’s College London, which has identified a group of around 30 female Britons based in northern Syria.

According to monitoring of their social media accounts, a number have been acting as Isis recruiters or openly praising the Charlie Hebdo shootings, while encouraging more bloodshed, including the beheadings of westerners.

  • Gary

    Maybe muslims just don’t get it. We’re not like them , we have far more Pity for them than fear of them because the ones praising slaughtering babies and bombing churches as a favour to allah shows they are sick and twisted to the point that they are a waste of a human life and we want to put them out of their misery with a quick death.
    For jihad-Jane to incite terror is a bit dumb because islamists don’t need an excuse to be rabid savages bent on murdering non-muslims.
    Their endless whines for the fear of backlash is because they know that that’s what they would do so they assume it’s coming , but again we’re not like them or consumed with hate to get even and bomb a mosque like the islamist savages do to a Church.

    We got it along time ago, they hate, they have a death-cult sect within islam that does the heavy lifting as they stay quiet , they whine until they get their way , many are paranoid to blame all their short coming on the West or Jews .
    Imagine coming to canada from some islamic hell hole as a refugee that must shame allah by going on welfare as a burden to the non-muslims paying your bills, and then now matter where you go in Canada you never see anything invented and made by muslims.
    They see Made in Mexico , Made in China, they see BMW, Porsche , FORD, Lincoln, Cadillac , Audi , Jeep, Toyota, and every TV made by those filthy infidels from around the Globe but not one item inspired by allah except for maybe a suicide vest or better whip to flog women.

    How pathetic can their live be to got almost 500 years with close to Zero contribution to mankind while obsessed with killing all the jews first and then the rest .

    I feel their pain , but tough , muslim are not a race of people to get special treatment and be coddled or excuse away the savagery .

    Know shariah – No peace
    No sharia – Know peace

  • Suzanne

    The sisters really need to get back into their kitchens while watching Coronation Street.

  • tom_billesley

    Some in the UK are comforted by strict gun laws and think that terrorists will find it hard to get guns. Oh yeah?

    Gangster facing jail for importing sub-machine guns from prison cell using Parcelforce

  • shirl.gate

    finally this guy shows his true colors….there is no offense given
    the muslim makes everything an offense when the muslim does not get what the muslim wants …its the islam cult ideology way…. screaming racism etc to get what they want and using Canadian RIghts and Freedoms ”against” CANADIANS
    BAN islam IN CANADA

  • Norman_In_New_York

    So what is the British government doing about this incitement?