Germany: #PEGIDA cancels a demonstration after Muslims make terrorist threats

The German anti-Islam movement Pegida Sunday announced the cancellation of its next weekly demonstration Monday in Dresden, relying on its Facebook page “security reasons” after a death threat from the Islamic state group against the organizers.


Dear friends, unfortunately we have to cancel our 13th meeting for security reasons.

According to police, there is a specific threat against a member of the organization team. As would be expected in an attack with other victims and we use it as a great all responsibility for the safety of participants guarantee, see you after consultation with the State Security and the Landespolize idirektion forced to do so.

It is a serious break in speech and freedom of demonstration, if it is possible terrorist forces to overturn our constitutionally guaranteed right but your safety comes first.

  • Santos2


  • winniec

    There has to be protest. If the Islamofascists are going to attack, we must take our chances, because to do nothing guarantees the Bronze Age savages will win.

    • moraywatson

      There is a supposedly credible threat. Can the authorities eliminate the credible threat, so that there is a march next week? Are the authorities trustworthy?

  • Xavier

    We keel you wins again.

  • Santos2

    Now the Facebook page that this article links to is down. Perhaps taken down on purpose by the left-wing fascist Facebook police.

  • 1Bastet

    I can sit here knowing I am unable to participate in PEGIDA and pass judgement about how they should have not cancelled. Easy for me to say, eh? But…I think they should not have cancelled. Perhaps it would have been better to announce the threat and say we are going ahead anyway. And leave it up to individuals to decide for themselves whether to attend. By cancelling they have given a victory to the terrorists. If every week there is a threat will they stop protesting? And so end the movement? Is it that easy to do? No, no. It they truly believe in their cause they must go ahead. The stakes are too high to do otherwise.

  • Sunshine

    This could be a Merkel strategy to stop the demos. In France, the same story while the counter-demonstrations are allowed. It just smells bad.

  • Fear of the unseen and unknown jihadi is how islam slowly destroys a society. The fear slowly builds up until everyone is afraid all the time about anything contrary to the cult of islam.

    The sad reality about islam’s killers is this; Because islam makes a continuous claim of religious legitimacy, islam, as a system, can rely on a huge, unpaid, unseen, unorganized, individually acting, empowered to act, widely distributed group of highly motivated devout believers who are willing to kill in order to keep islam the way it is.

    The killers are doing their job. And if the Dresden march is canceled, the islamic cultists win.

    Read how this works at:

    • Frau Katze

      Yep, they win.

  • glasnost

    This is what happens when you have an unarmed citizenry. The bad guys with guns always prevail. Once again, imagine how the scenario would differ if it was set in Texas.

  • Sunshine

    Pegida Germany FB page is O.K.
    I’m reading the demo is on for tomorrow. Their FB page got hacked. Now, I don’t speak German but used the ‘translate’ function and this seems to be the case.
    Someone hacked their page and posted a false flag. Let’s hope this is true and demo will be held.

    • 1Bastet

      I don’t know about that. I just looked at it and it seems legit. They talk about having a press conference on Monday. Also there is a link to the Sachsen police where they are banning all open air gatherings within Dresden for the 24 hours of 19 Jan.

  • James Hamilton

    Who knows, the threat could be govt. sponsored.
    Remember, Merkel is a former secretary for ‘Agitprop’, she knows very well how to play these games.

  • Sunshine

    This is just posted on their FB page:

    Dear friends, we think that we have done everything right and our cancelled 13th meeting due to the massive threats! Our hearts are all with our courageous Kathrin Oertel in Berlin today! Keep your fingers crossed from all over Germany and Europe! We are all with you! For tomorrow, we have prepared a lot despite, let’s surprise you! Lights and national flags is a sign for tomorrow night, at home! Car horn and Horn point 18:30 in whole Germany / Europe! We can not not prohibit us! WE ARE DRESDEN! WE ARE EUROPE! WE ARE THE PEOPLE! ALL FORCE ON NEXT MONDAY! DRESDEN SHOWS HOW’S GOING! YOUR ORGA – TEAM

  • Alain

    Sharia wins; freedom loses. This has become the norm.

  • Petrilla

    It’s called terrorism for a reason. If Merkel and her government had any cojones, and truly believed in Free Speech, they would say we have implanted 5000 undercover armed police within the crowd who will make sure everyone marching is safe. That would be Fighting terrorism, not sucking up to the Idea of terrorism. Too much to ask for?